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Race to finish

I'm stuck on an intro for this post, so let's just jump right in.

When last we left our California Adventure report, we had just seen World of Color. We were also cold and wet. But there wasn't a whole lot to be done about it, so off we went to A Bug's Land, where we knew we would find some stuff for our photo scavenger hunt. Nothing very eventful happened there, and we kept going to the Hollywood Backlot (they're connected now! I wonder how long that's been the case. we used to have to walk all the way around), where ElecTRONica was in full swing.

It was kind of fun to walk up just as YMCA started playing, but other than that, it was just kind of noisy and blah. Celeste saw some of the fancy glowing cups you can get and was jealous, and I had to break it to her that those come with alcohol. When Athena saw them and how much fun they were, she thought, "So about marketing to minors..."

Sarah's reaction to ElecTRONica was, "This isn't a place I would like to take my kids." While I definitely agree, I kind of get the feeling that maybe that's what the people who came up with it were going for. And that thought makes me sad, because Disneyland is supposed to be about fun for everyone of all ages, together.

The other thing that made us all sad is that ElecTRONica prevented us from getting two items on our hunt list. The first was a bus schedule for Monstropolis. We knew this was in line to the Monsters Inc. ride, but the line for that was twenty minutes long, and we had little patience for such things with the loud party music going on. The second was the comedy/tragedy theatre masks which we were pretty sure we could find in the queue area for Muppets 3D. Muppets 3D closed at five because of the drunken rave dance party. On the other hand, when Mom called and we made our excuse, she said that the picture she saw of the masks (she took the whole scavenger hunt list from a blog) had antennae, which means there was a set in the queue area for It's Tough To Be A Bug. Well that's what we get for not paying attention. Ah well.

Anyway, we fled into the Animation Building, where we finally saw an acknowledgement of the existence of a new movie by Disney Animation Studios. It's called Wreck It Ralph, and the logo is all 8-bit, so we're kind of intrigued, although the title doesn't sound very appealing. The two of us and Celeste went to Turtle Talk with Crush while Sarah went to take care of some mommy business. We learned that it can be pretty funny to ask Crush where Nemo is. He gets all nervous like, "Dude, is he lost again? One time, we couldn't find him for like an hour and forty-seven minutes. Turns out he was in the dentist's office the whole time." Then he told us Nemo likes to hang out at Tomorrowland Lagoon these days.

There was also a part where Dory came out and taught us how to speak Whale, which seemed new at the time, but the more I think about it, the more I think maybe we'd seen it before after all. Crush also brought out a Buzz Lightyear toy and said that one time it said "Tobubbub infibbity abband beyobubbub!" But he doesn't say that anymore. We were amused.

After a while of trying to figure out how to find Sarah, since no one had the foresight to make sure she had a non-dead phone, she called Celeste on her apparently not-quite-dead phone and we met up at It's Tough To Be A Bug. That was kind of an awkward experience, because the only reason we were there was to take pictures of the theater posters in the queue area for the scavenger hunt, but the cast member directing people to the queue area was very enthusiastic, so when we came back out and he saw us, he was like, "What happened? You're breakin' my heart!" And we had to explain that we'd love to stay for the show, but Celeste and Sarah have never been on the Little Mermaid, and the park was closing soon.

So finally, we managed to get to the last must-see attraction on the very short list. The only comment we got out of our sisters afterward was Sarah remarking that, "It looks like they didn't spend enough time on the Ariel Animatronics, but Ursula was really good." We concur (sort of; our perfectionism demands more of even the Ursula Animatronic (more her lair than the robot itself, though)), and are reminded of how sad we are that there's not enough love for fans of all characters.

Then it was time to exit the park and get some rest before Celeste and Sarah had to run three+ miles. We didn't have much time to rest before it was time for them to line up, though. We waited with them until they got to the gate, because the only thing either of them was carrying on them was her racing bib, and we weren't sure if that would be enough to get them through the gate. And I had Celeste's phone, so if they needed someone to run to the hotel, that person would need to be reachable.

Fortunately, they got through the gate just fine, because at this point Athena was dying (not really). In an attempt to reverse the dying effect, we went to Wetzel's Pretzels where I waited in a loooooong line for some pepperoni pretzels and lemonade. We thought about Jamba Juice first, but that line was even more annoying (not that it was longer; just more annoying). After lying down and drinking some lemonade, Athena started feeling better, which was good, because we needed to get up and get inside. It was windy and cold.

Very close to Wetzel's Pretzels was a Build-A-Bear shop, and we had tentative plans for building bears, we thought it would be a good place to look around and get out of the wind. Our plans were mostly tentative because we only had so much time before we needed to meet Celeste and Sarah at the 5K finish line, and neither of them had a phone anymore. But wouldn't you know it, friendly employees strike again! We think it was meant to be, though, because we just happened to be approached by the employee who was the most well-equipped to help us in our quest.

See, we thought it would be nice, while Celeste and Sarah were running their race, if we snuck over to Build-A-Bear and built them each a bear to commemorate their first 5K. And the employee who talked to us was not only familiar with running as a sport, but she was also informed about the event going on that night. So when we told her our idea and asked if they had any running clothes for bears, she was able to tell us that they didn't have any running clothes specifically, but she could help us put something together.

She found us some pants that could pass for running pants, and she knew that the event was Tinkerbell-themed, so she found us Tinkerbell & Friends shirts, and she suggested cutting out pieces of paper to write their racing numbers on. It was like a miracle! She left us to decide whether or not we wanted to spend all the money (shoes for bears are expensive! they cost almost as much as the bear!), and I don't think we ever saw her again. And all the other employees we talked to seemed...less understanding of our vision.

Well, we decided to take the plunge! (It was their very first 5K, after all. They needed something extra special.) And we had to hurry because we only had about fifteen minutes. So we hurried to find the least costly bears (Miracle Worker told us how much their cheapest bears were), and they happened to have exactly two different ones! We got them stuffed and raced downstairs to get the outfits and put them on, decided we didn't have time to put the shoes on the bears...and then the cashier kept saying, "Would you like to add this? Would you like to add that?" Arrrrrgh! It's all so awesome but we DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!

But we did get the special Downtown Disney Build-A-Bear backpack with matching bear-sized backpack and free hair(?) bows. But we only got one backpack, because we had to pay for them, and we figured it was okay, because Celeste and Sarah were sharing a bag all day.

Finally, we were able to rush back to California Adventure, where they were letting people in for free to greet their family and friends at the 5K finish line. The cast members seemed especially friendly that night, as they guided traffic to the right spot. On the way there, we walked by part of the race track, and saw a trio of pirates taunting runners.

Not long after we made it to the finish line, so did Celeste and Sarah! They were both very proud of themselves, and we were proud of them, too! They both ran under thirty minutes! Plus, they seemed to have a really good time, and that made us happy, too. We're always paranoid about whether something was "worth it," and it's always a relief to decide that it was.

But because they crossed the finish line separately, we didn't have a chance to present them with their bears. They must have noticed the boxes that held them (they're not exactly tiny), but they didn't say anything. Maybe they assumed we got bears for ourselves, or maybe they suspected something but didn't want to say anything, because it would be awkward if they were wrong.

We ended up walking back to the hotel because we didn't want to deal with resort transit tickets or whatever it was we needed, but it was a nice opportunity for Celeste and Sarah to chat about the awesomeness of their race. We were all very exhausted, which meant that we were too tired to match pace with Celeste and Sarah and we arrived well ahead of them. But this was perfect because it gave us time to take the bears out of the boxes, rip the price tags off all their clothes, and finally get their shoes on. We finished just as they got to the room, and we shouted, "Surprise!" And they were like, "You're cute." They were too tired to show much more of a reaction than that, but they assured us that they liked them.

The next day, we had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, and then made the long trek back home.

And that's it for our side of the story. We got a bunch of information from Celeste and Sarah about the race itself, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for making it to the finish line on time, miracle Build-A-Bear employees, Celeste and Sarah letting us have the bigger backpack (the World of Color bag we've been carrying stuff in is starting to fall apart), everybody having a good time, and being almost done with the volume of Love Hina we're working on.
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