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We're back, y'all

We're back! And we're kind of exhausted but more like...not wanting to move, but not necessarily out of exhaustion. The trip definitely had its ups and downs, but was overall a positive experience. Unfortunately, right now we're a little grumpy because on the way home we were discussing Once Upon A Time and we mentioned that we didn't like what we were doing with the stories, and someone said, "Well, I'm open-minded about fairy tales, so I don't mind." We chose not to pursue the argument because it's really all about opinion anyway, but we were upset that she suggested that we hate it when anybody changes a fairy tale. Ugh.

So we were discussing that when we checked our email and found something from an editor of ours telling us (as a side note, not as the point of the email or any kind of accusation) why it's not right to translate Kansai dialect as a Southern accent. This time one of the reasons is that Osakans talk really fast and Southerners are known for talking slow. And we were like, "Wha...?" Then Mom called, and she's from Alabama, and we think (a theory reinforced by this phone call) that our fast-talking habits come from her. And people have commented on our fast-talking more than once in the past. So after being upset about people misunderstanding our love of fairy tales, we get an email that makes us think, "Sigh, we're going to have to explain why Southern accents aren't a terrible translation for Kansai dialects again."

(Not that I have anything against ranting about my opinion--just the fact that this editor already disagrees, which always makes it harder to win someone to your side.)

Actually, the best example of the dialect/accent thing is something that I waited and waited to tell the world, and then Portrait of M & N got canceled. See, at the end of volume five, Higuchi-sensei talks about why nobody speaks in a Kansai dialect, despite the fact that the series takes place in Osaka. She then takes various scenes of each of the characters and rewrites their lines in Kansai dialect, giving her opinion of each one. The dialect worked well with Natsuhiko's mother, Ririka, and especially Hijiri. It worked surprisingly well with Mitsuru's mother and Mitsuru's brother. It changed Mitsuru's personality slightly, making her a little more...sensual? And it worked atrociously with Natsuhiko.

When we translated that bonus material, we (mentally) tried a variety of accents--New York, Boston, Wisconsin/Minnesota, British, Irish, Southern, Scottish... And the only ones that fit every situation were Southern and Irish. We don't know enough about Irish accents to use them, so we stuck with Southern. And that is one of many reasons we will always defend the choice to translate the Kansai dialect as an American Southern accent.

...Wasn't I supposed to be reporting a trip? Eheh. Trip reporting seems like a good Sunday activity. And I've been wanting to share that M&N example for ever.

Today I'm thankful for having an overall fun trip, finally having an excuse to mention the M&N dialect/accent example (not that anybody will remember the characters enough to apply it... (and the sample scenes really helped illustrate the point)), being done driving, fun photo scavenger hunts, and being home with our kitties.
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