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Finished...with part one.

It's official. Love Hina volume nine is now the longest translation script we have in our collection. We divide all TokyoPop script page numbers by three (which is not to say that TP is back--only that we still have translation scripts on our computer) to get an approximation, and Love Hina 9 is still longer than Portrait of M & N 3. And we even skipped a bunch of background signs (in Love Hina) that we would normally translate (if we weren't already exasperated by the enormous amounts of text on each page).

Despite all that, we would have finished our first draft in pretty good time if we hadn't gotten a long phone call this morning. It's nice talking to people, but man. Interruptions like that are probably the number one thing for sapping our motivation. It's kind of ironic, I think, that something that would make us go, "Rar! Just let us work!" would make us go, "Ugh, I'm done." as soon as it goes away.

But we persevered! And we even did a little editing! (We understand the importance of letting something sit for a while before going back to edit it, but A)we have a deadline and B)Love Hina has so much text in it that it feels like we translated the first chapter, like, a month ago despite having started this thing two days ago.)

And now, we're busy making sure we're all ready to go to Disneyland and doing all our other stuff, so off we go!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft of Love Hina 9, getting to take a Chiyahafuru break while our laundry was in the washing machine, having clean clothes, rumors that we'll be watching Peter Pan for the Thursday night activity, and getting to go to Disneyland (California Adventure, actually) with Celeste and Sarah.
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