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Whew, we should have known Love Hina would be long, hard work. We didn't think it would be as bad as Negima!, because there are only six girls, and when we read the first couple of volumes, they seemed to have bigger pictures and smaller text bubbles. But of course Akamatsu hit his stride around volume eight or so. And so, to make sure we meet our deadline, we worked an extra CD today. (I was going to say we worked an extra hour, but the CD wasn't an hour long.)

It was especially hard at first, because the first couple of chapters were Keitaro moping about Naru again, and when that happens, the story doesn't really go anywhere. So it was like we were working and working and working, and yet we were still in the same place story-wise and page count-wise. Fortunately, things picked up after lunch.

Anyway, that being the case, we need to cut this short. We'll never have a pirate band if we keep cutting our practice time short!

Today I'm thankful for the story picking up in Love Hina, tile being easier to clean than carpet, not having anything to do for the big project today, cute puppies on Castle last night, and cute boys on Castle last night.
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