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It's a race!

We're finally ready to start translating Love Hina! Woohoo! ...But not ready enough to work extra today. In fact, we finished reading a little early, and, instead of getting started, we played video games for a little while. This will turn out to have been a huge mistake if we end up having a lot of stuff to do on the big project tomorrow. Why? Because we need to finish Love Hina volume nine by the end of the month, and we're taking Friday off to go to Disneyland.

But this time it's not as spur of the moment! We've actually been planning this for a couple of months. Celeste and Sarah signed up to run in the Neverland Family Fun Run 5k, and it's this coming Friday! We're pretty excited about it, except that we don't know if they'll let the two of us in to see the race. Celeste was saying something about Disneyland entertainment along the course, and we're kind of bummed about missing it, but not bummed enough to sign up for a race. Mostly I'm concerned because we've asked Celeste to recap things for us before, and it has yet to turn out well. But those were all intricate movie plots, and this will just be a retelling of events, so we're hoping.

In the meantime, we're pretty excited about hanging out at Downtown Disney. It'll be after the parks close, so we're not sure if all the shops will still be open, but again, we're hoping. Downtown Disney usually stays open pretty late, but I also have memories of walking down it after all the shops have closed. I think those memories all happened around midnight, though, so we should be okay, if I'm remembering accurately.

But enough rambling about that! More importantly, as we kept visiting J-Comi to read Love Hina, we noticed they have a few light novels! Yay! ...But we haven't really looked at them, so we don't have much else to say about that, except that we're happy to have some options as far as translation practice.

Today I'm thankful for finally being caught up on Love Hina, finishing work early today, tasty varieties of toaster strudels, Werther's chocolate (which is super yummy), and the thought of getting yummy pepperoni pretzels at Wetzel's Pretzels on Friday night.
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