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Portal and hail-o

We finally worked up the nerve to play Portal 2 again. This time, we made sure to be well-fed, because one time long ago, we noticed that if we weren't hungry in the car, we didn't get carsick as much. Also, I decided to focus most of my attention on the target-y thingie, instead of trying to watch the constantly moving scenery. And! neither of us got really sick this time! Yay!

But we ended up taking waaaaay too long in one room, and finally turned it off because we decided it was time for something else. And even though neither of us got sick, we're still a little woozy. I really think the game does it on purpose, too, constantly talking about brain damage and neurotoxins and asbestos and radiation and... yeah.

Anyway, I'm going to say right here that I had a whole entry planned about grammar pet peeves, but then we got distracted with Portal 2, and I want the grammar thing to have an entry more to itself, so now I'm just typing up a reminder.

In other news, we had hail today! I think that hail is pretty scary, actually, but since we were inside our nice, warm apartment, it was more fascinating than scary. I think it averaged about pea-sized, and it came down for several minutes. When it was all done, it almost looked like it had snowed! So it was kind of magical (in an ominous sort of way). We don't get snow here, so we don't have a chance to get sick of it. We do get sick of the cold pretty quick, but we're not sick of it just yet (unless we have to go out somewhere).

Today I'm thankful for not getting sick playing Portal 2, finding our Captain Animate midi that we made lo these many years ago, the rain waiting until after we took out the trash to start falling, having plans to spend time with people despite declining the dinner offer (they were going to a teppanyaki place, which sounds awesome, but we didn't want to make Steve spend money on us if we weren't going to eat anything), and it almost being time to eat our cute little mini pizzas.
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