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Ah, ah, ah.

Today is another day of not really having much to post about. So let's talk about the Writer's Block question! And the question is: How do you become successful?

It's very simple, really. First, you figure out what you want to do. Next, you figure out how to do it. Finally, you do it. Tadah! You can even skip step two, if your goal is obvious enough. Like, if my goal is I want to go to the store and get some milk, I already know how to do that. Then I go to the store, buy the milk, and tadah! Success!

Of course, just because something is simple, doesn't mean it's easy. I feel like everybody knows that by now.

In other, random news, we've been taking a survey of "too" vs "as well." We see "as well" a lot in translations of video games, and it makes us go, "IT'S OKAY TO USE THE WORD 'TOO'!" (We're obviously more passionate about it than we should be.) So now, when we watch our Wednesday night sitcoms, we take a tally of what gets used more. We go with sitcoms, because those are (ideally) written to reflect how people really talk. We probably would have counted for Castle, too, except we forgot. We suspect Once Upon A Time would skew the numbers. So far, after two episodes of The Middle and two episodes of Suburgatory, we're at five uses of "too" and zero uses of "as well." The count goes on... Ah, ah, ah. *thunderclap*

Today I'm thankful for simple formulas for success (our problem is always step one), still having lots of yummy Danish butter cookies to satisfy our sweet tooths, refreshments being provided at Thursday night activity, having time to do stuff today, and having warm things to wear in this cold weather.
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