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The price of tea in China

I almost wonder if it's okay for me to post today, with the protest going on. We've only done a little bit of reading on SOPA and almost no reading on PIPA, but the fact that we haven't seen any arguments against the "but the pirates will just pop up again somewhere else as soon as their site is taken down" thing has us pretty well convinced that this legislation is silly at best.

Speaking of silly, it was a debate on SOPA that led to a very good example of how sometimes, when we're debating a topic, people will come up with the most random, non sequitur arguments, just to find something they can disagree with. Keep in mind, this was before we'd done any reading on either act, so we were taking an anti-piracy stand, and also, anyone who's discussed anything with us will know that we like to play devil's advocate. So here's what happened.

The person we were debating with said that this bill will ruin the internet--the last free thing in this world. Athena pointed out that the mountains are free. His rebuttal was that you can't stand on top of a mountain and say hi to someone in China. And we were like, "...huh?"

Just now, Athena realized that what she should have come back with was, " can see Russia from Alaska..."

Instead, we brought the argument back to the "free" thing, which is what we thought was his point to begin with, and pointed out that the internet isn't technically free anyway; you have to pay for the service. (He wouldn't know, because he's still a teenager using his family's internet.) It made a better point, but was much less fun. We also just realized that you can say hi to someone in China from the top of a Chinese mountain, so...

Anyway, today I'm thankful for getting to see Beauty and the Beast again last night (there's a painting of a woman on the wall in Belle's house; I wonder if it's her mother), finding the Love Hina / Hidaka-sensei connection (Ken Akamatsu used to use a lot of Hidaka-sensei's favorite tone; we don't see it so much in Negima!), having plans to stay in tonight, getting our package today, and RightStuf! finally shipping the Maid Sama DVDs we ordered.
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