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I remember reading somewhere that the Japanese word "saboru," which means basically to "slack off" or "procrastinate" or "ditch class" or things along those lines, comes from the word "sabotage." I was thinking about that today because that's kind of what we did, only it really, really isn't. See, we didn't have any work on the big project (that we know of...), so instead of going on to translate Deltora Quest (which we're way ahead on anyway, but it's fun to get extra ahead), we decided to take advantage of the national holiday and have a Love Hina marathon.

But we really weren't slacking off. See, last week, our boss at Kodansha asked us to pitch in so they could get the next Love Hina omnibus out on time. We didn't bother asking any details because it's none of our business, but we immediately agreed! ...And then we remembered that we'd only read the first two volumes of Love Hina, and so long ago that not only would we be hard pressed to remember what happened, we also didn't understand Japanese well enough to have even really known.

So we thought, "Oh shoot, we'd better get caught up!" because trying to translate manga out of context is a Very Bad Idea. (We've seen what can happen. It's not pretty.) And so it was off to Ken Akamatsu's manga site to read the volumes legally online! And that's how we learned firsthand how trying it can be to read all your manga off a computer screen. We still have five volumes to go before we're all caught up, and we need a prolonged break. (Also, we need time to practice our musical instruments and finish Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.) Will we finish in time!? ...I think we probably will.

Anyway, we also realized that we need to at least look at a copy of the new English version so we can be consistent. So we went to Barnes & Noble's website and ordered omnibus one, along with the next item on our Disney Reading Project list: Winnie the Pooh. Tadah! But we won't get to read it for a while, because The Once and Future King is long, we still have to finish Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, we still have to read Love Hina...

But the point is! it reminded me that we really want the old Disney cartoon on DVD, and for some bizarre reason we can't get it. You'd think they'd sell it as a set with the new movie that came out last year (and is now on DVD), thus maximizing their profits, but it's nowhere to be found. What's the big idea? We were totally planning to buy that set, too, but as it is, I don't think I like the new movie enough to buy it all by itself.

Oh well. Maybe someday they'll release the old one from the vault. Siiiiiigh.

Today I'm thankful for Ken Akamatsu providing a way for us to quickly access all of Love Hina, having time to spend reading Love Hina today, still having our VHS copy of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolates, and having the opportunity to work on Love Hina.
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