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We saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D last night, and it was pretty amazing. We both think that Beauty and the Beast is better suited to 3D than The Lion King, but that might be because we like Beauty and the Beast better in general. But it might also be because The Lion King had more things that I remembered as being super impressive because they did what they could with the limitations of not being able to show the movie in 3D, and those things tend to become kind of unnoticeable once the movie becomes 3D, like the fight between Simba and Scar. In Beauty and the Beast, the only thing that was less, "Whoa." because of the 3D was the first shot when Beast showed up and started fighting wolves.

Anyway, it was great, because at first, it was like, "Well, I've only seen this movie about a million times, so this time, I'll just pay attention to the 3D." Only then I got so involved with the story that I stopped paying attention. But then the story slowed down a little and it was back to, "Wow, this 3D is pretty amazing." Although there were some parts where the picture seemed a little disjointed due to the 3D effects. But the 3D sketches they showed during the end credits were amaaaaaazing. I'm tempted to get the 3D Blu-ray just for those. Kind of a lot of money though. Boo.

We actually had tentative plans to go see the movie again today in regular non-3D, but they fell through, so it was kind of sad. But we had a lovely day anyway. We went and did some temple baptisms, and then Brother and Sister H, who drove us to the temple, treated us to In-N-Out and some lovely conversation. And then Mom was kind enough to take us to run some errands, after which we joined her and Celeste (and Sarah, at the end) to watch Tinker Bell.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D last night, having plans to see it again on Tuesday, getting to enjoy conversations with various lovely people, having memory cards for our phones (now they should be on speaking terms with the computer), and the really pretty drawings in the credits to B&B 3D.
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