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Today has been spent doing things that may or may not be considered "productive." See, we were hoping we would have gone to see an early showing of Beauty and the Beast, and in that case, our work day would have been completely shot. So we called around and all the people who can take us have "real jobs" and/or "school," so we have to wait for them to finish. So we probably could have gotten a significant amount of work done today, if we'd actually bothered, but instead we decided to shoot our work day anyway.

First of all, we decided to fiddle with our fax machine. If we want those books we special ordered, we have to either call Kinokuniya or fax them, and I was right there, completely ready to take the plunge and make the phone call! ...But then I thought it might be better if we could send a fax, because then we could send a copy of the email, and make sure they know which order we're all talking about.

So we spent a bunch of time looking for the instructions for the fax machine, and then we ended up having to go to the website to get them, and then we had to find the machine's phone cable, and then we had to find an outlet, and then we had to figure out how to get the machine close enough to the outlet for the cord to reach... And finally, we managed to send Mom a test fax. And it worked! Tadah!

Then I went to email to get the one from Kinokuniya and type up the information they asked for...and then I felt like putting my credit card information on a fax that may or may not go directly to the person for whom it is intended didn't seem like the safest way to prevent identity theft. So I was about to take the plunge and make the phone call instead...but I was still hung up on, "But how will they know which order we're talking about!?" And then Athena pointed out that if we don't make the order, we'd save $30, and since we're about to go see a non-matinee of Beauty and the Beast in 3D, that sounded like it might be a good idea. And we were starving because it was lunch time, so we decided to stop worrying about it and get some food.

When we came back, we forgot all about Kinokuniya, because at the same time as trying to get the fax machine to work, we also decided it was time to make some ringtones!

Celeste was always the family cell phone bells and whistles expert, so we asked her where to go for some good ringtones, and she told us a site, and we went there and were immediately unimpressed. Why? Because we had something specific in mind, and they didn't have it! It's not like it's even an obscure anime song or anything, sheesh. Okay, so they kind of had it, but only one version that we didn't like. So we decided to make our own.

So after lunch, we spent our time with my Anvil Studio (a program that lets you make midi files) and my Tangled sheet music, and some time later, we had what could reasonably pass for a ringtone of "When Will My Life Begin?"

And we wanted to put it on our phones right away! but when I plugged my phone into the computer (for the first time ever), it decided to upgrade, so we can't really transfer the ringtone right now.

But anyway! this opens up a whole new world of ringtone possibilities! ("I don't think I want that for a ringtone, though," Athena adds.) ...Assuming we can get the ringtones transferred onto the phones. Anyway, it should be a lot of fun!

Today I'm thankful for Celeste being kind enough to take us to see Beauty and the Beast (go see it, people! some theaters show it in non-3D, too!), the possibility of shiny new ringtones, finding out that our fax machine does work, finally having a copy of the Tangled soundtrack (for research, you know), and Anvil Studio software.
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