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We had such a nice moment earlier today. See, a deadline kind of snuck up on us (and yelled boo, Athena adds), so we were planning to work all day today to make sure we met it! And by all day, we mean until bedtime if necessary!

And then! at about our regular quittin' time, we finished it all! Woohoo!

It's so nice, when you've been expecting to have zero free time, to end up having almost a bunch of it! And then we went and spent an extra half hour reading the results of a survey of LDS people. It's kind of fascinating, but not really surprising. If you want, you can check it out and see if we fit the definition of a standard Mormon!

Fortunately, that didn't take up all our new-found free time. So now we have to decide what we want to do with ourselves.

The other awesome thing about all of this is that it means we have a lot more free time than we expected to have tomorrow! And that means Beauty and the Beast 3D! ...If only we can think of someone to drive us to the theater. Maybe we'll run into somebody at the Thursday night activity tonight who will be so kind.

Anyway, off to enjoy our free time!

Today I'm thankful for surprise free time, not having to actually take all day getting our work done, getting to take a snack break and enjoy Italian Four-Cheese Cheez-its, interesting surveys, and still having some Reese's mini-minis to try.
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