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Yumemi and Aimi

Since the question has been asked, we figured we might as well tell people what books we're going to order from Kinokuniya! We didn't before because the titles are long and in Japanese.

The first one is Yumemi and Aimi's Missing Birthday Present!? (Yumemi to Aimi no Kieta Birthday Present!?). Frankly, we weren't interested in the actual story as much as we were in the characters, who are, as I may have mentioned, super adorable. You can pretty much figure out the plot from the title, but there's a little more to it than that.

See, Yumemi is the main character, and Aimi is her twin sister who died when they were little. And apparently now she's back! But we don't know why, because we haven't read the book. Fortunately, since it's a kids' book, we're guessing she's not back in a creepy way. I mean, seriously, look at the character design.

The second one is the second one in the series (which is probably not ongoing), Yumemi to Aimi: Mysteries Abound! Find Mr(s). X! (Yumemi to Aimi no Nazo ga Ippai? Kaijin X o Oe!).

And there you have it. Since the books are illustrated by our favorite manga artist, we can't resist them! ...Except for that pesky phone call thing. I think we'll probably just go ahead and make the call, but this morning ended up being stressful because of a minor work crisis (which has been dealt with). We have until Friday.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have more coffee cake today, the amusingnesss of Oreo standing on Athena's knee and staring down at Page (who is in his bed), people who aren't afraid to assertively voice their opinions when asked, getting to read Deltora Quest today, and getting to play with Muppet Christmas Carol sheet music yesterday (and probably today, unless we get distracted with something else).
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