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We have come to a snag in our Kinokuniya special ordering process. Actually, we got the email on Saturday, but we had other things to talk about on Sunday, so we didn't. And I think we got the email before our phoned-in post on Saturday, so I guess at the time I just didn't want to think of it, to the point where I blocked it out of my mind. But since we have to decide what to do before time runs out, we have to think about it again.

It would appear that special ordering via the Kinokuniya website involves filling out the form, which basically means, "I'm looking for this book." Then Kinokuniya emails back and says, "We can get this book for you, and here are the terms. If you're okay with all that, call or fax with the rest of the information we need to process the transaction."

Well, we're okay with the terms, and I think it's probably safe to give a card number to Kinokuniya, since we've done it a bunch of times before. The fax thing still seems a little risky, but that's okay because our fax machine isn't set up to send faxes anyway, so we'd have to go with option A: calling.

And therein lies the problem. We've been terrified of using the phone for as long as we can remember (unlike a certain little sister of ours, who accidentally called 911 when she was little because playing with the phone was fun), but we've also realized that sometimes, you just have to suck it up and make a phone call. For example, when Oreo developed an abscess, it was time to get over ourselves and call a veterinarian.

And, as Oreo has not been the healthiest of kitties, I've gotten used to calling the vet. I'm also not too terrified of calling Disneyland. We still hate calling people to ask for rides, but that's more because we don't want to impose than because we're afraid of talking on the phone.

But the main problem is that one of my biggest fears is of not being able to communicate properly. Thinking about it, it's kind of ridiculous, because we've long since known that it's impossible to communicate with people who don't want to listen, and yet we still want to try to reason with them. I guess that's different. But anyway, in this case, there's a potential language barrier. And while, intellectually, I realize that it won't be that difficult to say, "Can I please speak with So-and-So?" the idea of having to try it is much more terrifying than is reasonable.

And so then the question becomes how much do we want those books? They are super cute. Maybe I'll just have to suck it up and call. But this would all happen through their New York store, so this would have to happen tomorrow at the soonest anyway. We'll see how things unfold...

Today I'm thankful for getting yummy coffee cake from Fresh & Easy, finishing our Deltora Quest translation, taking a little time off to read the next Deltora Quest novel before getting to the next volume of manga, confirmation that there is Home Evening Group tonight, and confirmation that there will be a new episode of Castle tonight.
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