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We did not plan on being out all day today, but that's just how it happened. Our ward's Break the Fast dinner was at the building that we can walk to, and one of the bishopric's wives told us we should go. So we decided to go, and we had a nice time talking to people. And then, just exactly as we were walking up to our apartment, Athena's phone started making a noise that we were unfamiliar with.

Apparently it was the "you have voice mail!" alarm, which is kind of silly, because we didn't hear the phone ring. Obviously the phone wasn't on silent, so why didn't we hear a ring? Ah well. Anyway, it was Steve asking us if we wanted to join them for dinner. Well, we were just getting back from a dinner, but we didn't eat much there, and we like to spend time with people, so after confirming that the phone call was in fact recent, we accepted the invitation and off we went!

We had a lovely dinner and played Hedbanz again, which is always awesome, and we also had a debate about the anti-piracy bill that's all over the internet these days. I think we're going to need to get ourselves some proper information on that front. We were also sad about the vehement refusal to watch the Tinker Bell movie. I mean, even we think it has problems (as I've mentioned before), but it's not that bad.

But most importantly, Mom said she had something for me and it was on the piano. So I went to the piano, and there was the sheet music for Muppet Christmas Carol! Yay! So now, even though Christmas is eleven and a half months away, I'm going to get a-practicin'! We're going to see if Athena can play all the English horn bits on her tin whistle! It'll be awesome!

And then we came home and watched Johnny Tremain, and so we are up perhaps later than we should be. But we think tomorrow will be a light work day.

And in other, random news, for some reason our printer refuses to turn off. Refusing to turn on, I understand, but refusing to turn off? That's a little incomprehensible.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a lot of time talking with people today, having Muppet Christmas Carol sheet music, getting to play Disney Hedbanz again, getting candy bars in church today (to encourage the ward to be more available for their home teachers, the bishop gave candy bars to anyone who had their home teachers visit in December), and our computer reminding us yesterday that we still have that really nice Kingdom Hearts II wallpaper.
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