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It's update...LiveJournal... I don't know what to write about, and the Writer's Block prompt is about zombie apocalypses. We're just not interested in zombie apocalypses.

Athena suggest linking to an old post. We both remembered our tale of Xenosaga II being pretty interesting. So we went back to read it, and it was pretty interesting. But maybe not to anyone other than us.

Our Xeno Saga...II

I call it Xeno Saga II because it's about Xenosaga II. We don't really have a Xeno Saga I. Well, I guess you could say we did, but it's not really a saga. We were feeling lonely one day so we called Dad and had him take us to MediaPlay so we could buy new friends in the form of anime/video game characters. We were trying to decide between Gals! and Xenosaga, and one of the employees was telling us we should totally buy Xenosaga, so of course we got both.

But that's not our Xeno Saga II.

See, one day, one of our visiting teachers called and asked us if we would like to join her on a trip to Target. We like going out and doing things we people, and we needed a vacuum cleaner filter, so we took her up on her invitation.

So we're just browsing the store, reminiscing about Barbie and My Little Pony (or was it Strawberry Shortcake? I don't know; this was almost two months ago), oohing and aahing over the Teen Titans toys, and, because we're masochistic, we decided to see what video games they had, even though we had decided we couldn't splurge, because we had no idea how much money we'd need for taxes. Athena thinks we wanted to see if they had Kingdom Hearts, which indeed would have been masochistic, because we already own Kingdom Hearts but cannot play it because, for some reason, guys can't return stuff that they borrow.

Anyway, they didn't have Kingdom Hearts, but as I'm looking at all the other games, I see it. It had only come out three days previous, and we didn't follow it obsessively like we've been known to do, so it wasn't on our minds. But there it was: Xenosaga II.

We had been a fan of the Xeno series since way back when Xenogears came out, and, after playing Xenosaga I, we were really anxious to know what chaos's deal is. So when we saw Xenosaga II staring at us out of the glass case like that, our resolve not to buy any video games was weakened. Then I noticed that, despite the fact that all the games around it had prices clearly listed, this one did not.

"This must be some trick of Destiny," I thought, "trying to provoke our curiosity enough that we would ask a sales clerk how much the game is. Then, after the sales clerk went to the trouble of finding out for us, we would feel guilty not buying it, and would have no choice but to make the purchase."

"But we won't fall for Destiny's scheme," Athena says, "for I know that all new RPGs are priced at $50!"

Nevertheless, the noise we made in our discussion caught the attention of a nearby sales clerk, who politely asked us, "Do you have a question?" To which our visiting teacher replied, "Yes, actually. How much is this video game?"

The clerk says, "I think it's $39.99."

"Are you sure?" Athena replies, taken aback by the sudden lowering of price, "Because most new games like this are $49.99."

So the clerk checks, and indeed the game is priced at $49.99. But lo, the clerk continued, "But this week it's on sale for $37.77."


And, despite our misgivings about the game being dubbed into English, we ended up buying it. We didn't hate the dub of Xenosaga I, after all. The allure of a sale is strong...

We never did find out what chaos's deal is, though, because we never got Xenosaga III. Y'know, assuming they tell you in Xenosaga III. But the moral of the story is, even if you're sure you're not going to buy anything, it's a good idea not to go to the video game section when you need to save money.

Anyway, there's our phoned-in LJ entry for today. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting some chores done, figuring how much we need for our emergency fund, having some chocolate peanut butter Bugles to snack on, old LJ entries, and getting to watch Gundam Seed Destiny last night.
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