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We came to check email and stuff after lunch, and as we did so, we discussed what we would do when we finished. (Today has turned out to be another day off.) As this all went on, Oreo came and cast his vote for whatever involved staying at the computer. So we're updating LiveJournal.

We're pretty amused by the Writer's Block question for today. The question is, "No cheating--do you know how many countries there are in the world?" And we can answer it with 100% accuracy and no cheating! "No. We do not know how many countries there are in the world." Tadah!

Anyway, because today turned out to be a day off, we decided to watch some anime, so I thought we'd talk a little about what we're watching.

First off, Chihayafuru! We never spent a lot of time talking about this series, so we never got around to discussing our reaction when we first saw this title mentioned at Anime News Network. We were like, "Shouldn't that be 'chihayaburu?" See, we translated a whole Negima! lexicon entry on the spell "chihayaburu lightning," and it has a lot to say about the term "chihayaburu."

Then we saw the logo, which said "chihayafuru" in hiragana, and we were like, "That don't mean nothin'!" See, we also took a Classical Japanese class in college, and have a Hyakunin Isshu game for DS, so we know that old Japanese doesn't always have the diacritical marks that would make it "chihayaburu." We also knew, from the Negima! lexicon entry, that "chihayaburu" is an archaic term. Then we found out the series was about carta, and we were like, "Yup. Chihayaburu." And then in the series, one of the card readers verified our claims. But since the opening sequence has a shot of Chihaya wearing a shirt that says "Chihaya Full," we were like, "Well, if you need it for the pun..."

And that was our know-it-all reaction to the Chihayafuru craze. But because I don't like know-it-alls, I'll give you all the chance to be smart back at me, and let you know that I had a super hard time typing "chihaya" instead of "chiyaha" in just about every single one of those instances up there.

As for the series itself, it's sooooooo much better now that there are other characters and we can focus on something other than boys being incredibly stupid. Also, Taichi is still way awesome.

Something completely unstory-related, but amuses us greatly, is the fact that the main cast seems to have one major all-star (Taichi is played by our favorite Mamoru Miyano♥) and a bunch of people who may have been around for a while, but aren't really big yet (though the guy who plays Tsutomu has recently been cast in a Neo Romance game, so either he's bigger than we thought, or he soon will be). But the mothers--the characters who show up for one scene every few episodes and have maybe three lines--are all played by super famous voice actresses! Except for Taichi's mom...but Taichi is played by a celebrity, so I guess it balances out. I wonder if that's just evidence of the series' target demographic that they got these super famous actresses to play such small parts.

Anyway, I don't think we have much to say about what's going on in the show, except that we like it. And Arata may be a little less stupid now.

Second, Star Driver! ...Except I'm not sure I have much to say about it. It's still incredibly Utena-esque, but the yuri level is much lower. But we did just watch the episodes where they introduced Sailors Uranus and Neptune Madoka and Ko, so it did go up. But the point is, it's like Utena only with robots, and the stock footage is much much shorter, so we keep wondering why our Utena fan friends don't seem to be watching it. Maybe it's the ridiculous outfits worn by the members of Kiraboshi. I mean, the Utena outfits were unusual, sure, but those Kiraboshi costumes... I can only shake my head.

And that's about all I have to say on that.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch some anime today, getting to go to the store to buy milk and honey, getting to pay our rent today, finding out our bank offers checks with Disney pictures, and not being a member of an organization with such ridiculous costumes.
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