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So far, the year's gotten off to a good...ish start. We watched Davy Crockett and the River Pirates last night, and it made us very happy. It wasn't our favorite movie of all time or anything (the last, like, twenty minutes were too actiony for us), but it was nice. And Fess Parker as Davy Crockett is very attractive.

Athena's been practicing regularly on the tin whistle, much to the cats' dismay. We're not sure if it hurts their ears or if they just think it's annoying because she hasn't mastered it yet, but the first time she had a practice session, Page came to sit on my lap while I read, and she was clearly having a difficult time getting settled. We really hope it doesn't hurt their ears, because we think it will be awesome. Athena's getting better at it, too, and even though Oreo went in to wail at her at the beginning of today's practicing, he didn't keep at it for long. And Page had a much easier time getting settled on my lap while I read.

As an unwritten resolution, I've decided it's about time we get some of our photos posted from last year. We still have some from our trip down to Los Angeles at the end of 2010, so...

Anyway, there aren't many of them, so they'll make it easy to start getting this thing done.

Okay, so I don't think many people will remember this, but right at the end of 2010, Athena, Mom, Mom's mother-in-law, and I all went down to Los Angeles, where we went to the Getty Museum and Universal Studios. I took almost no pictures, partially because we went to a bunch of places in the museum where photography was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Seriously, they had employees there watching like hawks in case anybody so much as took out a cell phone. The other part of why I took so few pictures is that Aurora is very anti-photography. More on that with the captions.

First, we have the one picture I took at the Getty Museum, which is not of anything at the museum at all. The museum is on a high hill, overlooking Los Angeles. I don't remember if I took the photo because I liked the view, or because it reminded me of back when Aurora and her friends were into MAD Magazine. They got one issue with snarky postcards, and one of them had the MAD Magazine kid with his eyes covered by smog, and it said, "Come to LA. See the air."
Athena says it was probably a little of both. It usually is.

Next, I took about five pictures at Universal Studios, but I'm only going to post four of them, because two of them are of the same thing. First, we went to see the Shrek 3D show, and I probably wouldn't have bothered taking any pictures, but at the time of this trip, we were right in the middle of translating a bunch of Higurashi, and all the torture devices reminded us of the Sonozakis' basement. The premise is that the evil prince guy from the first movie has captured all of Shrek's friends, and now he's torturing them into telling him where he can find Shrek and Fiona.

In this one, you can see the specially made cages for the three little pigs. I don't know why the evil prince would have gone to the trouble of making each of the cages out of the same material as their houses, but whatever, I guess.

As you can see, this device is clearly set up to be a photo op.
Nevertheless, it was after I snapped this picture that Aurora caught me and told me there was no photography inside this building. I would like to contend that the "no photography" is to prevent flashes from messing up the screen inside the theater (unless you're in a museum, where all the flashing would fade the paint), and that this whole place was just asking for tourists to take pictures. Aurora just hates being associated with tourists, I think.

Finally, I wanted to take a picture of the warning sign at the Simpsons ride. I thought it was a joke until we actually went on the ride.
Now that we've been on the ride, we can tell you that you really probably would not enjoy the ride if you fit any of those categories. Anyway, I took a picture of it twice, because I had to be sneaky so Aurora wouldn't yell at me, and the first one didn't have as nice lighting.

And there you have it. Five pictures from over a year ago. Looking at them, I really remember why I prefer Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting a few pictures posted, getting to have a lovely lunch with Celeste and Mom and Steve down in Celeste's town, getting time to practice our instruments, still having some drinking chocolate leftover from last night (it was too intense to finish...), and getting to watch Davy Crockett and the River Pirates.
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