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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, everyone! We read somewhere that apparently congressmen aren't allowed to say happy new year in letters to their constituents anymore, and whether or not that's true, we amused ourselves with the idea of wishing people a happy new year at random times of the year. It is technically always the start of a new year, after all. It's always exactly one year since one year ago this instant, and one year before a year from now.

But anyway, we greeted the new year by pausing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 about a minute before midnight to watch the countdown. We meant to make some of our special drinking chocolate (with our fancy Dutch cocoa that Mom got us in Europe), but then we realized it's the first Sunday of the month, which usually means Fast Sunday, so in the interest of fasting, we decided to have some tonight instead. It will still be a new year from exactly one year...or however it goes. Then we found out that our ward had postponed Fast Sunday until next week. Oh well.

Anyway again, the only reason we were playing video games (aside from the fact that we like them) to welcome the new year is that we had already done all our celebrating! A friend of ours called on Friday and invited us to spend the evening with her. We opted not to stay until midnight, since we had to walk home, so we feel bad about ditching her early, but we had a pretty nice time. We played Disney Apples to Apples, which has an added feature not in regular Apples to Apples: the Poison Apple card! When a poison apple card is played, then everyone has to play a card that's the opposite of the green apple card. And I kept forgetting that, and accidentally playing the wrong cards. Eheh.

But it was fun, because all the noun cards have pictures from Disney movies or Disney Channel TV shows, so it was always fun to pull a card from the deck and see what pretty picture was on it. That being the case, if Athena or I was the judge, Aladdin was pretty much guaranteed to win every time. Well, every time he got played for something positive. This is why we keep saying that Apples to Apples is about knowing your audience.

So I was thinking maybe I should say something about New Year's Resolutions, since we're actually thinking about making some this year, but we haven't yet. Except that we resolve to write fan letters, so that for a brief period of time, the people who make the stuff we love will know that we exist. Also, we want to go to Disney World and/or Japan. Other than that, I think the idea is to just keep doing our best to improve in whatever ways we can. Oh, and maybe to get that pirate band up and running.

And since I taught the Relief Society lesson today, and it started out talking about the personal resolutions of past president of the LDS Church George Albert Smith, I was like, "Wow, those are some pretty good resolutions." So I wanted to put them here for the benefit of myself and others.

“I would be a friend to the friendless and find joy in ministering to the needs of the poor.

“I would visit the sick and afflicted and inspire in them a desire for faith to be healed.

“I would teach the truth to the understanding and blessing of all mankind.

“I would seek out the erring one and try to win him back to a righteous and a happy life.

“I would not seek to force people to live up to my ideals but rather love them into doing the thing that is right.

“I would live with the masses and help to solve their problems that their earth life may be happy.

“I would avoid the publicity of high positions and discourage the flattery of thoughtless friends.

“I would not knowingly wound the feelings of any, not even one who may have wronged me, but would seek to do him good and make him my friend.

“I would overcome the tendency to selfishness and jealousy and rejoice in the successes of all the children of my Heavenly Father.

“I would not be an enemy to any living soul.

“Knowing that the Redeemer of mankind has offered to the world the only plan that will fully develop us and make us really happy here and hereafter, I feel it not only a duty but also a blessed privilege to disseminate this truth.”

Today I'm thankful for having a great new Relief Society manual, having a good time playing Disney Apples to Apples, getting to look forward to some nice drinking chocolate later, getting to wear cute new dresses to church today, and the adorable penguin picture on our new baby animals calendar.
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