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First of all, we want to ask any of you who feel so inclined to go over to Wikipedia and make a small donation. Wikipedia has helped us a lot, and consequently, it has helped anybody who reads the manga we translate (because that's what we use it for, usually). If it were to disappear, we would be very sad translators.

We were fully intending to finally get all our latest Disneyland pictures off of our camera and onto the computer today, and we probably still will...I think, maybe. But we have been hit with a Distraction! Dun dun DUN!

Actually, it's a super awesome distraction. See, as soon as tracking was available on the tin whistle we ordered, we tracked it! (Of course that means we were constantly checking to see if tracking had been activated yet.) And then we saw that it wasn't scheduled for delivery until January 2, so we were a little sad, and we kind of forgot all about checking on it because we figured it wouldn't be getting all that close anyway. We were especially a little sad because the particular package we ordered claims to come with instructions on how to play Auld Lang Syne (that's how it's spelled, right?), and it would have been so nice to be able to play it for New Year's.

But anyway, we half forgot about it, by which I mean we didn't trouble ourselves too much over it, but we did stay up late last night daydreaming(?) about how awesome it would be when it came, and how we'd play Kingdom Hearts music together, and we really need to get a concertina and we'd make pirate costumes and go around the various events we haven't been able to afford in two years, playing pirate-y anime/game/Disney music. But anyway, despite all that, we went about our day as, sort of normal, since we're still on vacation. But normal in compliance with how we've been spending our vacation.

So while we were sitting there, reading The Once and Future King in my case and The Jungle Books in Athena's, there was a knock at the door! Could it be? Has the tin whistle arrived early? (Unless I read the return address wrong) It has! Woohoo!

Only we were still in the middle of reading, so of course we had to finish that first (not that either of us finished her book, just that we had to let the CD finish), and then Page has been appearing and reappearing and pinning people down and running away and generally being adorable but also distracting us from our Distraction. But after I suggested that perhaps I had read the return address wrong, Athena got up to check, and that scared Page out of my lap, so as soon as I'm done typing this, we'll be all ready to open the package and ooh and aah over it! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely vacation, getting our tin whistle, it arriving in time to learn Auld Lang Syne for New Year's, having an awesome time watching Gundam Seed Destiny last night, and the toffee my visiting teacher gave us still being edible after having been left for such a long time. You can tell we're not really big on eating because we have a freezer full of goodies, two boxes of assorted chocolates, two packages of Ghirardelli chocolates, and two and a half tins of Danish butter cookies, but we've hardly touched any of them because we'd rather play video games and/or watch anime undistracted.
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