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When we saw the Writer's Block question for today (name three things you can't live without), Athena immediately said, "Food, water, and shelter." Then I said, "Oh. I went with oxygen. There are too many things." So Athena decided to put food and water together, and now we're down to three again. She says she's heard at some camp-related place that lack of shelter will kill you faster than starvation or dehydration (especially if the area is under gunfire, she adds).

And then we wonder how many of the people who officially answered the question were as uppity as we were. Probably at least a few.

Anyway, we've been enjoying our vacation, but with the slight difficulty that, now that we've started Tactics Advance 2, we're having a difficult time putting it down. Since we've been spending our time recreating anyway, it's like why do anything else? Because we have other recreations to accomplish, that's why! So we have to schedule our game time carefully, like start an hour before lunch or something, so that we'll automatically stop and think about doing something else. And that's how I found time to finally finish reading The Three Musketeers after starting it on our Japan trip more than three and a half years ago.

We also tried toaster strudels! They taste pretty much like you'd expect from a toaster strudel, but the point is, they have fruit filling, so we got them in an attempt to acclimatize our tastebuds to fruit. They were alright, so I think we may keep it up.

Today I'm thankful for toaster strudel, little frosting pouches, finding time to get some reading done, Page posing majestically on the monitor, and finally figuring out who we're supposed to send on that one quest.
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