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I can't believe we keep forgetting to mention that we got lyschan's Christmas card in the mail like a week ago, and it's lovely! Thanks, lys!

In other news...the ginger helps, but not very much. It's possible that there's not all that much ginger in these particular cookies. It's also possible that the motion-sickness is more psychological than physical, thus rendering the ginger powerless. And so, we can play Portal 2 for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, before we have to turn it off and do something else. Fortunately, that's about how long it takes to get through one chapter, so at least we're stopping at good stopping points.

We also discovered that our vacation is technically over, but also not. We have some work to do, but there's not very much and it's not due until the end of next week, so our boss said we can go ahead and wait until next year to work on it. We might do that, or we might just do it anyway and get it out of the way.

And in a complete change of subject, we had heard rumors to the effect of changing up the layout at Disneyland, and today we found out those rumors were true. Apparently, they're going to move all the Disney Princess Faire stuff to in front of the castle, instead of way behind it by It's A Small World. We suspect this is to open up that stage area so they can put on the Toy Story show that they were going to have in California Adventure, but ended up not because all the people who loved the Aladdin show protested.

We're pretty happy about the idea of that theater being used as a theater again (although we'd rather have something other than Toy Story, and, come to think of it, we haven't really been happy with any of the Disneyland major production type things...), but we're not sure about having so much of Fantasyland spilling out onto Main Street. But people on the Disney Parks Blog kept pointing out how that area is kind of hidden, so if it's discreet like Pixie Hollow, it should be fine. But Main Street has always been like the introduction, with little glimpses of each of the lands (the entrances) at the end, so having a big section of Fantasyland right there on Main Street seems like it might diminish the effect some. I guess we'll just have to see how it all works out, and hope that either it will work brilliantly, or if it doesn't, they'll eventually change it back.

Today I'm thankful for finding a system for playing Portal 2 without getting too sick, finally getting back to Tactics Advance 2, having new Classic Composers CDs to read to, Oreo having really good timing (he just jumped off Athena's lap so now she's free to go do something else), and still having plenty of free time.
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