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Christmas report

Well, I have a kitty on my lap, and he's so comfy it would be a shame to move him. And if I update now, we can go play with our toys without having to worry about updating later.

And now I'm blanking on everything. Let's see...first there was Christmas Eve, and we watched Muppet Christmas Carol, after which we determined to go to Amazon and order the sheet music for the soundtrack. But then Mom went and did it for us! Thanks, Mom!

The next day was Christmas, which turned out to be kind of odd, because it was on Sunday. Steve's kids weren't going to be at Mom's house until noon, and we all had our various church meetings to attend, so the day started out pretty much like any regular Sunday. Only with more stress.

See, as I mentioned before, we were all going to support Celeste in her musical program at her ward (technically, her ward is really a branch because it's little), and since we were all performing, too, we needed a little time to rehearse. Celeste's branch meets at one, and it's approximately an hour drive to get there. Our church meeting was from eleven to a few minutes after noon. I got the substitute ward organist to agree to play for the second half of the meeting (he's also the elder's quorum president, and was involved in a few (or several) other musical numbers, and I like to play the organ, so that's why we didn't skip our meeting entirely), but now we had a whirlwind schedule!

We went to our ward, where I had a slightly traumatic experience during the sacrament hymn (I blanked out and lost my place, and it took me a few bars to find it again; it was scary), then after the sacrament we raced out of there and walked to Mom's house, where we had just enough time to practice our song once or twice before Celeste had to leave early (Celeste was staying at Mom's house for the weekend). And then it was time to drive.

We made it to Celeste's branch's building, and our first order of business was to find an empty room with a piano and practice the song again. Fortunately, because the Christmas meetings were cut short, that wasn't very hard. And then it was time for the meeting, and there was some very lovely music, and the song went well, without any other traumatic experiences. Overall, it was very nice.

Then it was back to Mom's house for presents! We each got three new dresses, which are very pretty, but will take getting used to because the skirts don't cover our knees, and we haven't worn knee-revealing clothing in years. We also got a toaster! We're super excited about it. Mom took us grocery shopping yesterday, so we have a nice supply of toaster waffles, but we haven't had a chance to play with the toaster yet, so that's something to look forward to today. After we opened it, Athena said, "We're gonna toast the crap out of this thing," which we really ought to do very soon, because who wants a toaster with crap in it? Ew.

Also, Athena is a gift ninja. Every time I turned around to wrap a gift, or get it out to put under the tree or something, Athena had already done it! Wow!

Not only that, but she managed to completely surprise me with a gift! Some of you may remember the Kingdom Hearts sheet music I mentioned the other day (I actually didn't until Mom said I blogged about it...). Well, the reason it mysteriously showed up on Amazon was that Athena had already found it and sent the link to Mom, so Mom could order it and stuff. She tried to cover her tracks by doing other searches, but she didn't have a whole lot of time. Fortunately, the idea of Kingdom Hearts sheet music grabbed my attention so thoroughly that I didn't even stop to think why that link would be there.

Unfortunately for Athena, she had to sit there and play along while I was like, "Oooh, I didn't know they had Kingdom Hearts sheet music on Amazon!" But she did a very good job and I suspected nothing. That's the key to keeping secrets, people. Act like you know nothing. And then, when I was like, "We didn't get anything for me!" she was all, "I'm so sorry!" (Every time I bring this up, she says, "I was supposed to get you two things.") But anyway, I would have loved it even if I hadn't been surprised, but the surprise was an added bonus.

Athena got Portal 2 from Kimee, which we thought was very sweet, because we knew Kimee wanted the game herself. We started playing it last night. We're still getting used to first-person games, and also I may need to figure out a way to prevent motion-sickness. Maybe Fresh & Easy will have more ginger cookie dough... (Jeopardy! says ginger is better for motion sickness than Dramamine.) Fortunately, the game does not seem to make Athena motion-sick (yet...), so if worse comes to worst, she can play it while I do other stuff. Like read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, which we got from Mom, who expects a book report from everyone next month.

And so we were all very happy with our presents, and then it was time for dinner. Dinner was good, and then we played a super super super fun game called Hedbanz, only this was the Disney version! It may not have been quite as super fun if it had not been the Disney version, because part of the fun was seeing what Disney characters (or objects) people ended up as. See, you put on a headband (with Mickey Mouse ears!), and each headband holds a card on your forehead, so everyone can see it but you. Then everybody takes turns asking yes or no questions to help them figure out what their card is. The only problem is, the game heavily favors Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, and Cars, so it didn't take too long to figure out that if you were an object that talked, you were probably from one of those three movies, and at that point it was just a matter of listing characters.

We also played a game called Hit or Miss, which was also pretty fun, but without the Disney characters to make us so obsessed with playing.

Finally, we broke out the Wii to play with Mom's new toys: Country Dance 2 and the game to make us all super jealous, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Oh man, that game is too awesome. We have to get a Wii so we can play it! (We know Mom would let us play her copy, but we don't go to her house enough.)

Eventually, it was time to come home, where we gave Oreo and Page their gifts (Page could sense, even before we opened the package, that there were new cat toys about; Oreo didn't seem too interested), and opened our package from RightStuf!, which had Petite Princess Yucie and volume six of Eureka Seven, with an art box, volume four of the manga, and a t-shirt. Now we're hoping that Crunchyroll has the subtitled version so we can watch the first half of the series.

Then yesterday we got together with everybody for Boxing Day (also known as Mom's one day off before she had to get back to work), which included seeing Chipwrecked (super awesome, with lots of our favorite Chipmunk, Simon!), and going to Best Buy, where we were sorely tempted to buy a Wii, but opted not to, because we have a backlog of games we ought to finish playing first. That being the case, we'd better get cracking!

Today I'm thankful for having pretty new church dresses, having a shiny new toaster, having a neat new video game to play, not having a repeat traumatic experience while performing, and getting to have Bobsled Brownie ice cream last night.
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