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Eheh. Sorry.

So on the Honyaku mailing list you get all sorts of interesting debates about grammar. It's kind of fun sometimes, but kind of like, "Dude, just shut up," other times. It's interesting that, no matter where you go, you find a bunch of people that are eager to show off how smart they are. Still, it's nice that it's in an environment where everyone respects each other (until someone tries to go on a tirade about why direct translations don't really exist).

Anyway, my question is this: is it true that native English speakers with native English speaking parents say "needs ~-ed" instead of "needs to be ~-ed"? For example "needs cleaned" instead of "needs to be cleaned"? Not that I think it's dumb or anything--I've just never encountered anyone in real life who says that, so I always assumed it was something that people said who didn't grow up speaking English. Someone on the mailing list said that it's common in the Midwest.

You learn a new thing everyday, I guess.
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