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'Twas the day before Christmas...

It's still kind of hard to believe that it's Christmas Eve. We started out by practicing the song for tomorrow, and was back to Saturday as usual. Only without the chores, because we did them yesterday.

We got two packages today! Yay! One was our package from RightStuf! Woohoo! The other was a bunch of gifts from Dad! Yay again! So we called Dad to thank him for the gifts, promising to thank him properly after we opened them. We've been entrusted with the gifts for Celeste, Sarah, and company, as well, so we figured we might as well wait to open them at least until they've been properly distributed.

The only downside to all of this is that neither of the packages that came were the Christmas present we bought for XXX (name redacted). It's so aggravating, because we came up with such a great presentation for it, and the presentation is all set up! But now there's nothing to present! ...At least the presentation itself works as a backup gift. But man! We ordered it the day before the last "order by" day, and we went with better shipping! And it's still not here!

So we thought maybe it's in the office and whoever delivered it didn't leave us a note (as usual). So we went to the office at three, but it's already closed for Christmas! We hope that means the package hasn't arrived yet, and it's on some UPS or FedEx truck and out for delivery. If not...we'll just have to give a little note that says "it's on its way." In the meantime, there's still hope!

And! we finally figured out what to get Mom for Christmas, and she'll love it because she won't have to be the center of attention to receive it. We just need to call her and make sure it will be doable. (It's okay if it's not a surprise, because she'll love it anyway.)

In the meantime, we still have a few things to take care of. So off we go!

Today I'm thankful for getting packages in the mail, coming up with something to give Mom for Christmas, having a nice conversation with Dad, finally making it through that scary scary mission in Final Fantasy Type-0, and having time to catch up on Fairy Tail.
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