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Whew, today turned out to be busier than planned. We didn't have any work, so we sat down to read manga, and then there was a knock at the door! We thought it might be one of the many packages we're expecting, but instead, it was Celeste! So we had to quickly hide the Christmas gifts for her that were lying around, and then we talked for a little while before practicing the song that Celeste was planning to sing in church on Sunday.

So we practiced the song a few times, and Celeste said that she felt a little off about singing that particular song, and I admitted that when I was practicing it, it made me feel a little sad. But the song is in a minor key, and some years, thinking about Christmas in general makes me sad, because it's such a family time, and we have some neat Christmas memories with our family from before Mom and Dad got divorced.

Anyway, Celeste said she wanted to sing a Mary song, and the song she had chosen to sing as a trio with Athena and Sarah was a Mary song, and since there was a solo version, we played it, and we both felt much better about it. But the solo version is just the same thing three times, so we thought maybe we could convince Sarah to come join us after all, so we called and asked. She said sure, and we waited for her to show up.

Instead of showing up, she called and said she couldn't do it after all, so we decided to go with the solo version, and we practiced it for a while, determining that Celeste knew the melody pretty well and really all we needed was for me to get my act together and play all the notes right. So Celeste was about to leave to hang out with friends when Sarah called and said she could join us after all, and she was on her way.

So Sarah came over, and we practiced the song for about an hour, and it was a nice bonding experience, but when I'm in charge of accompaniment, practicing songs with people takes a lot out of me, and I'm thinking I'll be happy if I never hear that song again. Actually, I really do like the song, and I think it will be great if we can practice it enough, but right now I am so done with practicing.

And now we finally have time to finish reading manga before Jeopardy! starts, but when will we ever have time for video games? (The missionaries are coming over after Wheel of Fortune, if they remember.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend time with our sisters, nice kitties to warm our hearts, Oreo having the perfect timing for jumping off Athena's lap and into the new kitty bed, there being two versions of the song to accommodate whatever needs to happen, and having nice gloves to keep our hands warm while reading manga.
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