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We're updating LiveJournal now before we forget and then get distracted with Stuff. We ended up having the day off today! Yay! But we have our home teacher coming over at four, and then I'm going visiting teaching at six-thirty, so if we don't remember to update now, there's a strong possibility that we won't actually update until much later tonight.

The sad thing about it all is that I'm not sure there will be much to update about either way. Today's been pretty laid-back so far. We went to the store and did some Christmas stuff. And we got Danish butter cookies! Yay!

The writer's block question for today is about what we like most about Hanukkah. Of course, long time readers are well aware that we're not Jewish (although we have a touch of Jewish ancestry--we're descended from the first Jew to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and we don't celebrate Hanukkah, but we do have some Hanukkah-related memories from elementary school.

Mainly, we sang in our elementary school chorus, and they did a program every winter, which included Christmas songs and Hanukkah songs. There was a really nice Hanukkah song that we sang, and it was probably one of our favorite songs on the program. The songs were mostly the same every year, with maybe a few differences that we don't remember. We sang "Let It Snow," "Jingle Bells"...songs that are about winter but that you only hear at Christmastime for some reason. I wonder if it's because once New Year's over, everyone's sick of the snow and they're ready for it to warm up again. I think the Hanukkah song was called "Hanukkah Holiday," but I don't remember. This was at least seventeen years ago, and that one just doesn't come up on the radio as much as the other songs I mentioned. (Not that we listen to the radio anyway, which probably doesn't help.)

It was a good time, but sometimes we hated it, because the chorus teacher made us do these ridiculous actions to go with the songs. It wasn't until we went back to watch Sarah perform in the chorus that we realized those actions weren't ridiculous but, in fact, completely adorable. We were punk smart alecs back then, and I hope my kids have a better attitude.

In the spring, the chorus teacher would choose a musical, and we'd perform a medley of songs from that. That's how we know the lyrics to "Oklahoma!" so well. We also sang (every year, I think) a song to the tune of Bach's Minuet, that goes, "We are supposed to sing this song. I hope it doesn't last too long. If you think it's boring, please refrain from snoring; remember that it's culture!" etc. I loved it back then, but now I have mixed feelings about it. It's super cute, but c'mon guys, classical music is awesome.

Today I'm thankful for fun memories from elementary school, getting a day off today, getting Danish butter at Fresh & Easy, kids who aren't afraid to do silly actions in the name of adorableness, and nice holiday songs.
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