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The cats still like the cat bed! Woohoo! We moved it into the bedroom last night, and later we found Oreo lying down where the bed used to be, so for a little while, we wondered if he only liked it because it happened to be in a spot he tends to like to lie down in anyway. It was a kind of random place on the carpet, but it's true that we find him there a lot. But he's using the bed now, and he's so cute. Page was sleeping in it when we woke up this morning.

In other news, yesterday was full of education! Or edutainment, actually. First we learned about Davy Crockett from watching the Disney movie about him! The only thing I remember learning about Davy Crockett in school is that he embellished a lot of his personal history, and that he died at the Alamo. The movie claims to be based on his journal, and there's no telling how much of that was "adapted" for film, so really, we learned...that Hans Conried is just as great in live action as he is with voice-over work. The movie was nice anyway, if a little depressing at the end. And the speech Davy gave to Congress was pretty awesome.

We also learned about gravity from watching The Science of Imagineering! That was a pretty fun video that seemed to be designed for people with ADD. It was kind of like Bill Nye the Science Guy, with more interviews with imagineers, and less sketch comedy. But it was cool, because they asked one of the imagineers where all the best places to sit were on the different Disney rides. We learned that on Space Mountain, the best place to sit is the last row in the front car, because since there are two cars and they're both long, they create a kind of see-saw effect as they race down the track. We also learned that when you start to go up on an elevator, you weigh more! And then I had a dream about that, with an elevator that went up really fast and so you really felt the gravity as you went up.

Anyway, the DVD was really fun, but there was only one episode on it, and it cost thirty dollars! That's more than a dollar per minute of program! We didn't really look at the bonus features, though, so maybe those balance it out better. I think the reason it costs so much is that when you buy it, you also buy the right to show it to your science class, so you're really buying like thirty to two hundred copies. So I guess that kind of balances it out, too. And when you show it to kids, you give them a reason to go into science, and then they can be imagineers and make awesome rides!

At Disneyland, you can buy them for $20. But the point is, we like them and want to watch all of them, but we're not made out of money! On the other hand, the Disney Movie Club is always having sales where you can get approximately half off of almost everything, so I really should stop whining.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to watch Davy Crockett (we started watching it a week ago, but got interrupted in the middle), getting to learn about science through imagineering, finishing the volume of Negima! we were working on, the kitties still liking the bed we got them, and learning that we can track our RightStuf! package after all.
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