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Kitties and ditties

I have a very cute kitty on my lap right now, but we were hoping he would be using the new kitty bed we gave him and Page as an early Christmas present. It's shaped like a little sofa! A big, squishy one! (Only little, but poofy.) Athena got him to snuggle up in it with treats and catnip, and he stayed there for at least three hours! Yay!

Then he got up to use the litter box, and Page had just enough time to take over. I don't know if we were imagining it, or if she really did have this kind of sulkily defiant attitude about it. She stubbornly stayed there until after we went to sleep. So we were ridiculously happy that they liked it so much, but we haven't seen either of them use it all day today.

So we're a little sad, but we're hoping that it's just because they like to hang out with us so much, and we're not in the same room as the kitty bed right now.

I'm also a little sad because Celeste sent me some sheet music to practice for the special sacrament meeting she's been put in charge of. See, because Christmas is on a Sunday, the First Presidency has said that church will only be an hour long so families can spend Christmas at home together. Celeste's bishop decided he wanted to make that whole hour all about music, and she's the music director, so she's basically organizing the whole meeting. And since the ward's go-to accompanist will have a ton of stuff to practice already, Celeste sent me two things to practice. That part's not sad, because I like to play and I like the composer of the songs Celeste chose, and even though I get really bad stage fright and now I have to take time to practice, I was pretty excited about the whole thing.

But the thing is, one of those songs is a women's trio. The idea was for Celeste, Athena, and Sarah to sing it, with me at the piano. After I played through it once, I got a call from Celeste saying I don't need to practice that one anymore, because Sarah won't be going. Well, it's nice to only have to worry about one song, but I was so looking forward to hearing the three-part harmony. So now whenever we have our email inbox open, I see that email from Celeste about the sheet music, and I think, "Awww ):"

At least the other song should be very pretty. I've actually never heard the melody of either one... Eheh...

Today I'm thankful for the kitties liking their kitty bed for at least one night, getting all the logistics worked out for our own sacrament meeting next week, having red ribbon to help us dress a little more festively today, Colgate 360 toothbrushes, and getting a ride home from church today.
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