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More boring twin stuff XD

Ha ha! We have finished our Christmas shopping! Sort of! There's still stuff that needs to be done. But I can't talk about that, because it's supposed to be a surprise. So instead, I was thinking about talking about this twin thing that's been on our minds all week, with a specific topic in mind, but since we've been out shopping all day, I completely lost my focus in that regard as well. It has to do with our theory on the real reason it all happened, but right now I don't want to focus my thoughts on it.

But since I can't think of much else to write about, let's try it.

So I had the whole thing two days ago about how we're too weird/intimidating to people as a pair, but while I think that's true, I don't think anybody really thinks we need to change that. Of course this is pure speculation, but we think the real reason these people seemed to make it a project to convince us to be more different (they didn't try very hard on it, so no harm done) all boils down to Smart People.

Of course, this whole theory might be completely faulty, as it's based on a bad habit we developed as children. When people would make fun of us at school, we'd cry to Mom and Dad, and they would tell us that those kids were just jealous because we're so smart and so pretty. And so, when people start telling us repeatedly that we're wrong about something we're pretty sure we're not wrong about, we start to assume we threaten them somehow.

It's like...long, long ago, there was an animated series based on Disney's The Little Mermaid, and there was one episode where Sebastian's old crab friend Zeus came to visit. Sebastian was upset about this, because Zeus was the most amazing crab in the world and really good at everything, and...we saw this years and years ago, so we don't remember, but anyway, Sebastian was determined to be better than Zeus at something. So the whole time Zeus was there, he kept challenging Zeus to competitions so he could prove himself. They even played "Who Knows More About Sebastian?" and Zeus won.

In the end, Zeus broke down in tears, because he's so jealous of Sebastian, because Sebastian has so many friends, but Zeus doesn't have any friends, because everybody is trying to compete with him like Sebastian was. He wasn't trying to be better than everybody else, but they kept challenging him, and I guess he never learned how to throw a game. Of course, we're nowhere near as talented as Zeus, but sometimes we wonder if people think of us the same way. (We realize that's a very arrogant sentiment, but at the same time, we have had people let out cheers of triumph upon discovering they knew something that we didn't. And we're like, "Um...okay. Good for you!")

So anyway, we think something similar was going on, and that somebody thought that by telling themself that we're codependent on each other, it made it easier for that person to feel like they weren't inferior. The ridiculous thing is, that person isn't inferior anyway.

Anyway, what we're realizing more and more is that people are constantly looking at the people around them to see how they measure up. We do that, too, to be honest, but I think maybe because we're blessed with each other, we always have someone to acknowledge the good in us, which might be why we can be so arrogant as to say, "Oh, they're only saying that 'cause they're jealous." But friends say that to each other all the time, don't they?

Another thing about this person is that they would tell us they had a bunch of other friends who were twins, and that person had no trouble telling those twins apart, but for some reason, we were a constant enigma. Thinking about it now, it's possible that this person was trying to say, "If you guys want to fix this 'nobody can tell you apart thing,' you really need to do something about the fact that you're so similar."

This brings up another twin phenomenon that we've noticed, and only just recently seem to have figured out, despite the fact that people are constantly apologizing for mixing us up. Do people who aren't twins think we're deeply offended when we're called by the wrong name? Because we're really, really not. Depending on how it happens, we might roll our eyes, like when Dad looked Athena in the face and proceeded to introduce her as Alethea, but usually what happens is more like this: Someone comes up, points at one of us, and says, "...Alethea?" "Nope." "Athena!" "Good! Second try!"

Let us let you in on a little secret that we've noticed about us and other twins. This may not always be the case, but it's happened to us on more than one occasion. We'll meet another twin (or pair of twins), and they'll start to ask us how identical we are, and as soon as we say we've never had the testing done to prove we're identical, they're happy because they've won. You see, when you're a twin, that's your Thing. That's what everyone acknowledges you for, that's what makes you special. So if some other twins come on the scene, you feel threatened that they're infringing on your territory. So you have to convince yourself that you're the better twin.

(Of course this varies, depending on how much a twin likes their twin, and of course we don't know what's up with fraternal twins, because they're special in their own way, so we get along pretty well.)

So when someone says to us, "You're the most identical twins I've ever met!" our reaction is more like, "Yessss! We did it again!" and not like, "Oh no! I must not be my own person!"

In other words, in the mind of an identical twin (or at least in the minds of the ones like us), the more identical the better. If people can't tell us apart, that just raises our specialness level.

On the other hand, we do like people to realize that there are two of us, and we do have different preferences, and if someone's going to claim to "understand" us, they better darn well be able to tell us apart.

Contradictory? Maybe. But we wouldn't have been born with the same face if we didn't want to mess with people's heads at least a little.

Today I'm thankful for salty chocolate! (we found some sea salt Ghirardelli's at Target; it's super yummy), figuring out how to get the bottom line of that sheet music printed, Mom taking us all over town to do our shopping, Mom and Steve treating us to lunch, and super awesome cat toys at PetSmart.
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