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I fully intended to update Live Journal much earlier, especially because we even took half the day off. But first, Oreo stole my chair, and I figured we'd be able to update soon anyway (he won't stay there forever!). And then we got distracted with Professor Layton. Actually, the video game is what lured Oreo off my chair, but by the time we saw him, we were already set on playing, so we were like, "Oh well; we' can update later." And then we ended up playing until dinner time. But! we beat it right before Jeopardy! Yay! ...And it was kind of a silly ending. I don't know if it was the acting, the translation, or the source material. Maybe we'll try the next one in Japanese and see if it's any better.

The sad thing about it all is that I actually sort of had something to update about! Last night, the Thursday Night Activity was Christmas caroling! Yay! ...only actually not yay at all. First of all, we knew it was going to be cold. But! that turned out to not be a big deal, because we were smart and went prepared!

We remembered that we had bought some sweatpants, back when we were determined to play Dance Dance Revolution more regularly (we never stick to it because we're afraid of bothering the neighbors with all the jumping), and we were also thinking of getting the code to our apartment building's gym (which we didn't do because we...stopped caring, I guess). These sweatpants are form-fitting, but not tight, so! we put them inside our jeans (also not tight), and now we had fleece-lined jeans! Woohoo! They were super warm and super comfy and super awesome.

The main problem is that our ward is not so good with the leadership and organization skills. Or the doing things in public that might make them stand out. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't blame the ward, but the point is, there was not good leadership, and very little organization, and that paired with the fact that nobody wanted to be "weird" enough to sing Christmas songs in public (or at least not until after somebody else had started) meant that our caroling group was more like a group walking around, with a song here and there.

Okay, so that's not entirely true, either. There was a time for about twenty minutes where it was song song song song song, boom. This happened because Athena realized that the only way to get these people singing was to stop waiting for the designated leader (who insisted the lyric sheet was too small to read without his glasses; that's why the official leader leader should have designated somebody else to choose the songs) and to start singing whatever came to mind. The problem was, because we were unprepared, not a whole lot came to mind. Recently, I've been considering playing improv games with each other to quicken our wits, but it was a little too late at this point. Still, we did pretty well for twenty minutes, maybe half an hour, and then Athena just got tired of it, and we decided to let these people sing or not sing as the whim took them.

The upshot is, if this ward ever plans a caroling event and we're still in it, I am going to go to whoever is supposedly in charge and take over the whole thing myself. Then we'll be prepared, and people will have someone to blame if people look at 'em funny for singing in public.

After the caroling (which involved looking at beautifully decorated houses, also a plus), our ride home happened to be one of the older couples in the ward, who had recently been to Disneyland. They said they couldn't go to Disneyland without thinking of us (that almost makes us feel apologetic, come to think of it... (almost any in-depth conversation we have with anyone these days will probably turn to Disneyland)), and so when they were there, they bought us a souvenir! Awwwww! That's so sweet of them!

So instead of taking us straight home, we stopped by their house, which led to an awkward moment when we were discussing Christmas decorations, and I said, "What I really don't understand is the people who get whole strings of the purple lights," as we pulled up to their house, which had three bushes covered in purple lights. So I had to explain (honestly) that I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing design-wise, just that the purple (and blue, actually) lights hurt our eyes. They said they don't really like them, either, but they come on all the multi-colored strings, so they took the blue and purple out of the strings, so they wouldn't dominate the colors (because when they're there, it's hard to notice all the other pretty colors). And then they didn't want to throw them away, so they put them on the bushes. And now I understand.

Then Sister P brought the souvenir, and it was these adorable Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers! They're so so so cute! We love them so much, we actually bought a set for Mom when we went to Disneyland about a month ago. So when we saw them, we were taken a little off guard, so we're worried that our reaction may have sounded a little too forced, but we really do love them, and we really appreciate that they were thinking of us! And we're really not used to getting gifts. (For example, we didn't tell Gaston when we were taking out our endowments, so when he found out (on the day it happened, from someone else), he called and bugged us about it for a little while. We're just not used to people caring what we're up to.)

I'm also hoping it wasn't too dishonest to not tell them we got that same set for Mom, but we didn't already have a set, so... Anyway! The point is that now we want to figure out some food we can make that we'd want to sprinkle salt and pepper on, so we can make good use of them. Mom suggested popcorn, because that can always use some salt. We also came up with the idea of using them as cinnamon and sugar shakers instead, but again, all our food is so pre-prepared that we can't think of when we'd use that either.

Mom asked, "Don't you like to make cinnamon toast every once in a while?" And that's how she found out we don't have a toaster. But she said she's done with all her Christmas shopping, so I don't think we'll get one for Christmas, even if she did suggest that we might. Athena says she could get me one for Christmas... I might rather have Kingdom Hearts sheet music, but that would come from Amazon Japan, and I don't think I care enough to deal with their ridiculous shipping policies.

Also, we need to make a nice thank you card before church on Sunday. If only we'd gotten that Chinese calligraphy set they were selling at Costco.

Today I'm thankful for super awesome sweatpant-lined jeans, Brother and Sister P thinking of us and getting us those super cute salt and pepper shakers, having a super cute set of salt and pepper shakers, finishing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, and getting to take half the day off of work today.
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