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Simple pleasures

We were going through the extras on Infinite Ryvius volume 3, and Bandai had the brilliant idea of showing an art gallery while playing the audio dramas that apparently had been commercials for the DVDs and videos in Japan. It would have been awesome... except that they didn't have any with Hoshi-san's character. *pout*

So then we decided to look through the commercials for the CD dramas. I was a little disappointed, because when the first one started, I realized they were just going to play music and not have any of the VAs do a voiceover. I thought maybe the next ones would have voiceovers, but the second one didn't either, so I figured that the third one would also be devoid of voiceovers. But! The first thing I noticed when it started playing was a credit for the commercial's music being a song sung by Soichiro Hoshi! Yay!

And now I'm happy.

And I'm thankful for Infinite Ryvius, which isn't as disturbing as we feared... so far. Anime serieseses always get weirdest in the second half. And I'm thankful for CD players, Victor Entertainment (even though they have eeeeevil marketing ploys), Bandai Entertainment, and DVD players.
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