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Holiday movie time

There's not a whole lot to report today, so we asked Page what we should update about and she was entirely unhelpful. But she is adorable.

We thought it might be worth our while to "officially" answer one of the Writer's Block questions, since they're giving away Amazon gift cards, but I don't know. I don't like making it official for some reason. But today's question is what is your must-see holiday movie, and that's a pretty easy question! I wonder if everybody already knows our answer. I mention it every year, but mostly in passing, so maybe not.

It's Muppet Christmas Carol! Tadah! When Disney started publicizing the new Christmas Carol movie with Jim Carrey, we were always like, "Why is Disney making a new Christmas Carol movie? They already have the best one!"

Of course, we have heard very good things about the one don't remember which actor it was, but I seem to remember recognizing the name every time the question is asked, so I don't think people are asking about a different Christmas Carol movie each time, but I could be wrong. And I guess we haven't heard "good things" so much as "it's very good."

It's possible that Athena has seen it. One year, she saw seven different versions of A Christmas Carol, so it would make sense if that were one of them, but I think two of those versions were a high school play and a community theatre production with the same script, so that narrows down the possibilities. Especially because Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey's Christmas Carol were on the list. She tells me there was one with Bill Murray and a musical one and one more that she doesn't remember. She may or may not have been counting the Animaniacs version. That one's pretty funny, too, but it doesn't have the heart of Muppet Christmas Carol. That one's the best, because it has such a good balance of comedy and drama, and it's very heartfelt.

And for all that, neither of us has read the book! But we did buy a copy last January, so maybe we'll read it this year! ...Assuming we can find the time. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for having a copy of A Christmas Carol, being surrounded once again by kitties, the very cute pictures of polar bears on our calendar (we think polar bears are a little overdone, but these pictures really are adorable), the fudge from my visiting teacher having almonds instead of walnuts (no nuts is preferred, but almonds are less evil than walnuts), and Oreo deciding not to walk across Page after all.

See, we each had a kitty on our laps, but Page was on my lap, and I was between Oreo (on Athena's lap) and the bed (where he wanted to go...unless he wanted to go on my lap). He stood up on Athena's lap and looked like he was seriously considering either walking over Page (literally) to get to the bed, or sitting on top of her. In the end, he decided to jump on the floor and go away instead. We were a little sad to no longer be surrounded by kitties, but we were happy not to find ourselves in the middle of Kittygeddon. (It would not have been Kittygeddon anyway. At worst, it would have been a mild skirmish.)
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