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Cats at play

I did mostly intend on updating LiveJournal earlier today, but then we got distracted with Disney Insider stories, grocery shopping, and TV, respectively. Nothing much to report on there, though.

But! there was almost a kitty breakthrough today! Oreo gets bored a lot, and sometimes he'll start to charge at Page. We always suspected he just wanted to play (he used to chase Mimsy when he was bored--something Mimsy was not very happy with, but tolerated), but we couldn't usually be sure. But today! he saw Page sitting by the PS3 and slowly approached her. She froze, as she tends to do when he gets too close. And just before Oreo swatted at her, he rolled over onto his back to put himself in a more vulnerable position! (It's also what he does when we dangle cat toys in front of him.)

So now we definitely know he's more interested in playing than getting rid of her! Yay!

Unfortunately, Page is still having none of it. She retreated behind the DVD player. So I got out a cat toy, and started playing around with it, and Oreo mostly just ignored it, but now Page was interested. She would rush to attack it! ...and rush away when she realized she was getting too close to Oreo. It was really pretty funny. And then, since Page was out and about, Oreo decided to see what was so great about the spot behind the DVD player, and that was very cute too.

Someday, we hope Page will forgive Oreo for whatever he did to upset her (we know he wasn't so nice when she first showed up here, but I think most of his offenses were Page's own fault), and we'll get to see the two of them playing together.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo trying to play with Page, Mom and Steve treating us to dinner, Mom and Steve being nice enough to take us to the grocery store when they didn't need anything, having groceries, and finally being caught up on America's Next Top Model (which has now ended its cycle).
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