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We worked today. The end.

Okay, okay, not the end. I guess. Today's been pretty much uneventful. We managed to calm ourselves down about the fact that some people can't pay enough attention to detail to realize we actually do different things sometimes, and frequently answer differently when playing Loaded Questions (a game where you ask all the players a personal question like "Who's your favorite actor?" and then you have to guess who answered what), but then we had a flare up, so now we're all bent out of shape again. I think the worst part about it is that we can't think of a single person to go to about this who we know will listen to what we have to say and not seem like they're trying to hide their opinion of, "Yeah, but you are practically the same person."

I think it's also aggravating because most of the people who seem to have that opinion also seem to be major conformists. So really what they seem to be saying is, "You need to be more individual so you can be just like everyone else!" But you know, the girls we visit teach can probably tell you (since we don't usually go visiting teaching together) that we're just as crazy even apart.

In happier news, there are rumors to the effect of pizza at Home Evening Group. This makes us happy, even if we do suspect them all of watching our favorite show without us. See, when we went to Disneyland last week, we thought it would be rude of us to keep our Home Evening Group from watching Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, just because we kept waltzing off to Disneyland. So we lent the DVD to the girl at whose home we have Home Evening Group, and expected them to watch episode three (out of six) while we were gone. Yesterday, she told us that they ended up canceling Home Evening Group, so we didn't need to lend her the DVD after all, and we thought, "Oh, good. I like episode three."

Today, we got a message from Fearless Leader saying we'd be watching the final episodes. Four episodes is kind of a lot to watch in one evening. We don't know if he doesn't realize how many episodes there are, or if, despite canceling Home Evening Group, some people got together to watch it anyway, or what. Maybe he's planning on skipping to the last two episodes? We just wish we could be informed what's going on, because it's our DVD. I mean, we meant for them to watch an episode or two, but to specifically tell us you didn't when you did? Maybe they really didn't and Fearless Leader thinks there's only three episodes.

But there will be pizza, so hopefully that will prevent us from flying off the handle. It's a stupid reason to fly off the handle anyway, but we're already grumpy, and therefore a little more volatile. We'll do our best to control ourselves! More than likely, it will turn out to be nothing.

Today I'm thankful for Trolli Sour Brite Eggs, making very good progress on Negima! today (we weren't even planning to start on it until tomorrow!), Oreo letting me have my chair back, having some free time before Home Evening Group, and the idea of pizza at Home Evening Group.
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