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I guess I ought to post today. Today is tricky, because we just found out something that happened a long time ago and is over and done with now, and is no longer of any effect, and it has us like, really super enraged, but I just don't have the energy to rant about it on Live Journal. And it's consumed so much of our afternoon that I can't think of anything else to update about.

..Okay, so it only consumed about half an hour...well, we talked about it during "lunch" at four-thirty, so I guess an hour, but we've had a bunch of stuff to do today, so our afternoon has been short.

I suppose I could talk about that other stuff we did, but that's not particularly noteworthy. There was choir practice. It was pretty fun, but y'know. Choir practice. It's pretty much the same.

Okay, so here's what's going on. We found out that a long time ago, some people who have since moved away, thought it was vitally important that we learn to dress up more and "develop distinct personalities." We actually knew that that's how they felt about us, but we didn't know to what extent before, and the reminder is more than a little aggravating, probably because it's so symbolic of why we're not happy with our social lives here.

Okay, so it's not like putting on makeup would kill us, but really...we just don't want to. And it's not like we look hideous without it--these same people keep telling us what great skin we have, which really makes us go, "Wha...?" because we have gigantic pores. I would suspect them of lying, except that they acted like they were jealous of our great skin. The dressing up thing would only be a mild annoyance except that it brings back memories of the ultra-frustration we went through when we'd have conversations with those people way back when.

Worse is the idea that we need to develop distinct personalities. I realize it's probably hard to tell that there are two different personalities at work when we share a Live Journal account, but people who have actually gotten to know us (of which there are surprisingly few) will know that there are two different personalities. We do happen to like a lot of the same kind of thing, but so do most people who hang out with each other a lot of the time.

We've been told that if we want to be more approachable, we need to be more apart. I can kind of see the reasoning there, but frankly, it's stupid. Why should two people who are good friends have to stop being friends with each other just so they can make friends with people they don't like as much? (Sorry; grumpiness showing through there.) And you know what? Since Athena's been released as the ward chorister, she's been sitting alone at sacrament meeting almost every week, and so far she doesn't have a single new friend.

So yeah. We're just aggravated. But on the bright side, my visiting teachers gave me treats and a Christmas DVD.

Today I'm thankful for nice gifts from my visiting teachers, people who get to know us before deciding what's good for us, getting bite-sized candy from the other ward's bishop, getting to listen to Ludwig's song this morning, and it now being time to go calm down with distractions.
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