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We finished work early today! Woohoo! We would have had the whole afternoon free, but we decided to index names (which I guess counts as free time, come to think of it, but it's not what we usually think of when we think of spending our free time), and this time they had batches of Japanese names to index! We knew it would be a bad idea, because it's nearly impossible to figure out what a Japanese name is based solely on the kanji, but we decided to go for it anyway! And, not surprisingly, it took forever. But it was a neat experience.

And now let's finish up that Disneyland report. There's not really much left to report, because we only went on two rides on Tuesday, but I bet I can make it take a long time anyway! Eheh.

The plan was to get into the park super early and get on Peter Pan's Flight before the line got long. Unfortunately, the plan was doomed to fail, because Tuesdays, I'm pretty sure, are "Magical Mornings," which means people staying in certain hotels get to go into the park an hour early. We were not staying in any of those hotels...or if we were, we didn't know, and so failed to use the extra hour anyway. And by the time we got into the park, the line was long. (If you consider half an hour to be long.)

Oh, but before that, we went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, where I refused to get a combo! I am tired of eating nasty scrambled eggs! (Scrambled eggs aren't really nasty, but sometimes I get a mental block against eggs in general, and this was one of those times.) Gaston got on my case for not eating any protein, and said if I don't, I won't grow up to be big and strong. I said, "Oh, so that's why our whole family is a head taller than we are," and he said, "Really?" and I said, "No. We're the tallest except for Dad," which is especially impressive, because on average, twins are shorter than singletons. And that's when I decided that I don't need to let Gaston pester me about nutrition anymore.

So anyway, we decided to go on Storybook Land, and while we were in line, a band of (what we assume to be) tin soldiers came out and did a little show in front of It's A Small World! But we didn't get to see any of it, because there was a hedge in the way. It sounded pretty awesome, though.

The main thing I wanted to mention about Storybook Land, since it was pretty much the same as always, is that our tour guide found a way to make the giant patchwork quilt more relatable! Yay! See, there's a giant patchwork quilt made out of desert plants, and it's been there as long as Storybook Land. It was based on the quilt used by a giant in a Silly Symphony cartoon, but nobody remembers that cartoon, including us. I seem to remember having seen it long, long ago, but it's been too long. (We just got a DVD of classic Disney shorts, so maybe it's on there...) So the tour guides would always mention this quilt, and the general feeling in the boat would be one of indifference or, "Ooohhh.... I have no idea what you're talking about."

But now! at least one tour guide says that they say Willie the Giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk will come along at night to use the quilt. Yay! Now people can be like, "Oh! I know what you're talking about!" ...But it would be better if we could all remember the cartoon, because I seem to remember thinking the quilt in Storybook Land looks just like the quilt in the cartoon.

After Storybook Land, we went on Pirates of the Caribbean one more time, and theorized that perhaps what they were doing while the ride was closed was making it more splashy. Because we were in the front row, and we got a couple of facefuls of water. We suspected something when we got in the boat and noticed a sizable puddle at our feet...

Then it was time to go shopping! Our receipts from the Plaza Inn had coupons for 20% off our entire purchase at the Emporium on Main Street or the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney (if we paid for it between opening and 12:30 PM). So we shopped around and saw a ton of stuff that we wanted! Of course, some of that "ton of stuff" was in the music store across the street from the Emporium, but it was still shiny. And the Emporium didn't have the ornament Gaston and Alice wanted or the gloves we wanted, so we decided to go to the World of Disney Store. They have just about everything, but not everything, so it was actually pretty helpful in getting us to limit our purchases.

First! we got some gloves with the fingertips cut off so we can wear them while working. It hasn't been cold enough to use them recently, but I'm sure they will come in handy.

Second! we got Disney Apples to Apples. This is where the World of Disney Store's limited selection really helped us out, because the Emporium had that, the new Disney Trivial Pursuit (with three different play styles, including one that's more about knowing your teammates than knowing Disney (useful in playing against people who refuse to play Disney Trivial Pursuit against Disney fanatics)), and Disney Cranium. And we just couldn't decide which one to get! I'm actually feeling a little sad about that lack of Disney Cranium, but we're sure there will be other opportunities to get it. Oh man, the Humdingers would be so awesome in that version... (Until we get Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana songs...)

So anyway, we got Disney Apples to Apples, which we're really excited about, except that we know Mom's not going to want to play it. But Celeste will play it with us! And, if we're not competitive (and we never are), we can play it by ourselves!

And finally! we got a book about Rapunzel's hair. All this obsessing over it, and I actually don't know the title for sure. (Athena checked; it's "Rapunzel's Amazing Hair.") But it's a children's picture book about Rapunzel's hair, and we saw it when we went to Disneyland two weeks ago, and we looked through it and thought it was adorable, but decided not to get it for some reason. Later, we couldn't figure out what that reason was, and decided that the next time we went to Disneyland, we should get it! So we did!

And here's why we were so intent on getting it: it's illustrated by Claire Keane. Claire Keane is the daughter of our favorite animator, Glen Keane, and! it was her art style that Disney used as Rapunzel's art style for all the murals inside the tower. In other words, a book illustrated by Claire Keane is a book illustrated by Rapunzel herself! And to that, I say ♥♥♥!!

Also, all the pictures of Rapunzel's hair are awesome. For example, there's one page that talks about how it takes days for the hair to dry, and Rapunzel's hanging it (the hair) up like on a clothesline, only the clothesline is more of her hair! Bwahahahaha! There's another picture where she's woven her hair into a basket to carry laundry with. It's awesome.

After we made our shiny purchases (which were also kind of selfish--we didn't get a single Christmas present!), we went back to the car, and thought we were on our way home! Athena was like, "It doesn't feel like we're going north, but I'm sure Gaston knows what he's doing." And indeed he did; it's just that we didn't. Not too long after we set out, Gaston pulled off the freeway, and we saw a sign that said, "Welcome to Alpine Village!" The best way we have to describe it is that it's like the German version of Little Tokyo. It's like a little tourist spot where they have a grocery store that sells imported goods, mostly from Germany, and a bunch of gift shops and stuff.

We went to one gift shop that had a bunch of nutcrackers! They were really neat, too. They had a Scrooge nutcracker, and the Nutcracker and Drosselmeyer and the Rat King, and Yoda and Darth Vader, and Glinda and Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West. Gaston says that one of the companies that make those nutcrackers has an LDS missionary nutcracker, with a Dear John letter in his pocket, and a Book of Mormon in his hand. He said the guy in charge of the nutcrackers originally gave the missionary a beard ('cause nutcrackers have beards), but he talked to the missionaries, and they said yeah, they're not allowed to have facial hair. I would love to see that nutcracker.

They also had beautiful traditional German dresses! Oh, they were so pretty! But expensive! On average about $190. Gaston says they would never cost that much in Germany, so I guess we'll just have to pick some up there. Y'know, someday.

And then we really did come home! Tadah!

And the selfish shopping spree continues, as RightStuf! sends us newsletters offering the entire DVD set of Petite Princess Yucie for just $10. We've been wanting a copy of that series for years! It's really cute, about a girl who's seventeen but hasn't aged past ten, and it's really starting to get on her nerves. And then she joins a princess school, where there are four other girls like her! And something about being the best princess will get them the right to make a wish and finally age properly. I don't remember; we saw it a long time ago. It's in exactly the kind of fairy tale princess setting that makes us squee. Eee!

And then we got all of the Maid Sama! anime to go with it. And a blind box item to make us eligible for free shipping! I can't wait to see what it is!

Today I'm thankful for shiny Rapunzel books, Disney Apples to Apples, long-wished-for series being on sale at RightStuf!, getting to see pretty German dresses, and Oreo feeling better.
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