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We're back again!

We're back again! Tadah! To be honest, we were actually kind of annoyed about going, because we had just finished working on the Negima! omnibus, and that omnibus is the very thing that prevented us from fully recovering from our last Disneyland trip. So since we had just gone to Disneyland and then worked almost nonstop, the idea of going again when we didn't know what the next week's work schedule would be like was a little scary. We were afraid we'd end up having to work overtime again, and we did not like the idea. We're still kind of afraid of that, even though we know Deltora Quest can be put off for a little while if we need time to relax.

We voiced our complaints to Mom and everybody on Sunday, and, unsurprisingly, they were less than sympathetic. They were like, "Oh no. You poor things. You have to go to Disneyland" (unsympathetically).

We left for Gaston's place Sunday night and we got to see his fancy seizure-inducing Christmas tree lights! (The seizure-inducing part is only theoretical.) He and Alice saw this thing on sale at Target that has three outlets and a speaker on it. You plug in different strings of light to each outlet, and then it choreographs the different strings to Christmas songs that the speaker plays. Or you can turn the music off, and it will have soundless light shows, one of which involves rapid flashing. It was super fun, but also something best not stared at for too long.

We got up semi-early on Monday to drive down to Disneyland. It was a little hard for us, because for the first time since we've been going to Disneyland with Gaston and Alice, they turned on the radio. At first it wasn't a problem, because we thought it was just to listen to Christmas songs, since Gaston is really into Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for them to get sick of Christmas songs and change it to what they normally listen to: country music.

I don't remember whether or not I've mentioned country music here, but in case I haven't, or in case people don't remember, we didn't used to have a problem with country music. But then there was 2004, during which a million sucky things happened, and through it all, everyone around us was playing country music. Since then, our knee-jerk reaction to country music has been to want to throw things (at mildest).

Fortunately, a lot of time has passed since 2004, and the internal reaction was less violent than it has been in the past. So now that we were listening to the music a little more calmly, we learned that our dislike of country music is no longer purely guilt by association--we genuinely find much of it (though not all of it, I will admit) unpleasant. Of course, it probably didn't help that right after the radio played a song about how the guy wishes his girlfriend/wife/whoever he was talking about would love him like his dog does (in other words, he gets to be a stupid lazy slacker as much as he wants and she's supposed to be super happy about everything he does), they played a song about how it doesn't matter how well you train them--ladies love country boys. Well, not these ladies.

Also, there was an arrangement of jingle bells that was somehow both country and arty, and not only did it not have a single bell in it anywhere (let alone any jingle bells), it was pretty annoying.

Okay, okay, that's enough music snobbery.

We got to Disneyland at about eleven, and then we started harvesting fast passes. Apparently that's one of our new Disneyland pastimes. But you have to get a fast pass for Star Tours. So we did, and then we went on Indiana Jones because the line was short! Yay! And we showed off how we can read the "ancient" inscriptions written all over the walls.

We wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, but as we walked by, we discovered it was closed! But it had been closed for two months already! It was supposed to be open today! ...Well, it was, but it was temporarily closed down. So we window shopped around New Orleans Square, where we saw yet another example of how completely oblivious people can be. The significance of people being oblivious is that when you realize how oblivious people are, you can stop worrying if they're staring at you, because chances are they didn't even notice you. But here's what happened.

There's a little area where they sell Christmas tree ornaments in a kind of courtyard thing. This courtyard is the home to a staircase, leading to the backstage area for all New Orleans Square performers. And as it just so happened, the Bootstrappers had just finished playing a gig and were on their way backstage. (The Bootstrappers, you may recall, are a band of singing pirates. Only today, all the pirates were different except for the punny guitarist. This time they had a fiddler, who has already made a name for himself as Billy Mandolin of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.)

The problem was there was this family trying to get their picture taken on this stairway, and for some reason, it was taking a long time. So the Bootstrappers had to wait to go backstage. As it so happened, a few other guests came in just around that time to look at the Christmas ornaments. One of these guests was wearing a backpack, which one of the pirates proceeded to open. Then he looked around at all the stuff in the backpack. Gaston is the only one who saw this happen (but we believe it based on all of our Disneyland pirate encounters), and he was cracking up. The pirate looked at him and went, "Shh!" and proceeded to rummage through this guy's backpack. The guy never noticed a thing.

Meanwhile, in another part of the courtyard, the lady pirate gave us tips on how to shoplift the merchandise without getting caught.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because 1)it's hilarious, but 2)it's setting a bad example for children of all ages in regards to piracy.

Well, all of that took just long enough that they got the Pirates ride running again, and so we were able to go on it. We were eager to see what was new and found...nothing! ...Well, not nothing. The special effect that used to be Davy Jones and then was Blackbeard now alternates between the two of them. This is good, because the effect works better with Davy Jones but is better deserved by Blackbeard. The effects on the moon in the first room where they launch the boats (also where they have the Blue Bayou restaurant) seemed new, but I remember noticing it when we went on the ride back in September. But! they did put the guy with all the hats back. He had disappeared.

Aaaanyway. Then we harvested fast passes and looked at some reindeer (reindeer are awesome), and at some point we had lunch at the Golden Horseshoe. And I'll talk about that more later, because it's almost bedtime.

Today I'm thankful for being home with our lovely kitties, not having any of our stuff stolen by pirates, having just listened to Henrietta's song about ten times, getting home in time to watch Last Man Standing, and not having missed too much work.
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