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Well, it's sudden, but we're off to Disneyland again. Fortunately, I think our workload will be much lighter when we get back this time, but of course we won't know for sure until we get back.

As for today, we spent it at Mom's house for Sarah's birthday dinner. Her birthday was on Tuesday, and we forgot to wish her a happy one. But we had a good time tonight, talking and stuff. She asked for no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies instead of cake, but her husband insisted she blow out candles, so Mom stuck one candle in a bunch of cookies for when we sang. Unfortunately, they were so spread out, she didn't get them all in one breath, alas.

And now Gaston is probably on his way to pick us up for another day at Disneyland! But the cats are breaking our hearts. We'll be back on Tuesday night!

Today I'm thankful for a lovely dinner with family, the very tasty lemonade Mom made with lemons from her own backyard (we discovered the other day that the scent of lemon works as an antidepressant! I know it makes me happy), not having to worry about Negima! omnibi when we get back from our trip (at least not to the extent of fully translating three books of manga), Mom liking all the neat Christmas stuff we brought her from Disneyland, and finally listening to the two Labryinth of Grimm CDs we got in our last CD Japan order.
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