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It's time to play the music?

Well, today has not been nearly as productive as originally planned. ...Okay, so we didn't actually plan for it to be very productive. We just had a few chores to do that are not getting done. We've decided to do them on Monday, since work has slowed down.

It started, as most Saturdays do, with sleeping in, and then Celeste came over to take us and Sarah to IHOP for a belated birthday meal. We were happy, because we got to have white chocolate chip peppermint pancakes again. Yum!

On the way to IHOP, we discussed the possibility of going to see The Muppets, which turned out to be an interesting coincidence, because while we were eating, Mom called and said she, Steve, and Kimee were going to see...The Muppets! and would we like to join them? So after lunch, we all went to see The Muppets...

...and after that we were just kind of depressed about everything, and not wanting to do any chores. We did tidy up some, though, because the missionaries are coming over in about half an hour. Hopefully they'll make things happier.

We couldn't say exactly what it was about the movie that has us so depressed. Everybody liked it, and I'd say it's a decent film. The new Muppet, Walter, is performed by Peter Linz, who played our very favorite character on The Puzzle Place way back when. And the songs were fun, and there was definitely some very Muppet humor throughout. It did have us wanting to go home and watch the real Muppet Movie, though. On the one hand, I want to say it's just our excessive perfectionism striking again, but on the other hand, I want to yell at them for not "getting it."

Also, we think it must have touched on some subconscious nerve, issues we've been ignoring for so long we don't even remember they exist, let alone what they are. Maybe it has to do with the whole premise being that the whole Muppet family had fallen apart.

Maybe part of our problem is that they didn't actually solve the conflict in the movie. The Muppets didn't earn the money they needed to buy back the theater or the rights to their names, but that's okay, because they have a mob that loves them! Richman can still legally bulldoze the studio, and Miss Poogy can still legally take all their names, but people love them yay. They don't love them enough to donate to the telethon, but they'll stand outside Muppet theater with a sign! Hhnnngh.

Maybe the unwritten epilogue is that all those people donated money on the spot and saved the theater.

Incidentally, we were highly amused that Muppet Theater was actually the El Capitan, where we'd gone to see a few Disney movies back when we were in middle school. They'd put on fancy stage shows before the feature. At least, the outside of it was. The inside was probably a set they built to match the original Muppet Show. And right now it's taking a lot of willpower to not go to the Disney Movie Club and order all the Muppet Show DVDs. But last night we went to CD Japan and ordered all the Labyrinth of Grimm character concept CDs we're missing, so we're thinking maybe we ought to stop splurging, at least until we've gotten Christmas gifts for people.

Anyway, overall, the movie had a lot of heart, which is great, but...I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for getting to enjoy a nice lunch with Celeste and Sarah, getting to see The Muppets, having a bunch of Labyrinth of Grimm CDs on order, getting to have white chocolate chip peppermint pancakes again, and memories of The Puzzle Place.
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