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A day in the life of a pair of freelance translators

Not that anyone really wanted to know. We just thought there might be some people out there who would like a better idea of when we're available online.

Usually, our day starts at about nine-thirty in the morning, Pacific Time. It's really a pathetic time to get up everyday, but we're having a hard time kicking the habit of staying up until after one, so...

Anyway, after reading scriptures and stuff, we go through our morning computer routine, checking e-mail, webcomics, etc. Then we usually try to think of random computer things to do until we finally decide we should go eat breakfast. I'm not sure why this is--maybe it comes from that nasty procrastination habit.

After breakfast, we spend half an hour taking turns reading verses from the Book of Mormon out loud in Japanese. This is partly because of President Hinckley's challenge to finish it by the end of the year, and partly because, without any classes or people to talk to, we need to keep our language skills up. When we're done (anytime between 10:30 and noon), then we pretty much do whatever we feel like until lunchtime.

On good days, that involves translating. Our system of translating usually starts with choosing what to translate (when we don't have any deadlines coming up). Next we choose a CD to listen to, which is probably the hardest part of translating for us, because we're very indecisive. Unless we're translating Saiyuki or DN Angel, because then obviously we listen to those CDs, but even Saiyuki can make things difficult, because we have to decide if we want to start with GensoMaden Saiyuki or Reload, with image albums or vocal albums. Because we're insane.

We have two dictionaries that we rely on, which are both on the computer and stay open the entire time we're translating. The first one comes with the JWPce wordprocessor, which can be downloaded for free, and the second is the dictionary at The second is especially helpful, because it has a Japanese language dictionary to explain a term when we don't understand the English. We actually have rather limited vocabularies...

Most of our CDs are approximately an hour long, and after each one we tend to have to take a break, because translating for too long can cause the brain to melt. Or at least, it can cause our brains to melt. It might just be a side effect of sitting in hard wooden chairs for too long.

Lunch time is any time between one and two, which is actually really early, considering when we usually have breakfast. Afterward, we either go back to translating or watch anime, usually. Since we haven't had a whole lot to translate, then we usually go back to watching anime.

At three and three-thirty, we watch the Cosby Show. This is probably not really a good idea anymore, since they've run through all the episodes and we've seen all of them, but I guess we're slaves to routine. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if we didn't insist on watching While You Were Out at five. It's mostly only a problem when we are translating, because those are pretty big interruptions, though we can fit another CD's worth of translating in between the shows. Still, we're gradually pulling ourselves away from While You Were Out.

After While You Were Out, it's back to the computer for another hour, usually, but lately they've been showing Danny Phantom at six-thirty, and we're hoping to catch some episodes that we haven't seen in a while. Of course, with our computer down last week, there wasn't a whole lot else we could do but watch TV. Then it's Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune at seven and seven-thirty (or Lingo, if we decide we're sick of those other shows), whatever we may want to watch on prime time, and then it's either video games or anime DVDs until the Daily Show at eleven.

Then, in theory, we get ready for bed and go to sleep, but in practice, we end up staying awake until about one-fifteen. And the cycle begins again.

And there it is. It seems kind of pathetic, actually. But hopefully that will explain why we tend to be difficult to get a hold of online. Really, I didn't think we're gone that much, but we've been missing people a lot lately (in the sense of getting an IM when we're away), so yeah.
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