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We did it!!!

Not only did we finish the omnibus, but we actually finished it about three hours ago! Then we had lunch, talked to Mom on the phone, and went to the store. We've been very productive! But the busyness and stress has gone on so long that now that it's over I can't shake the stress! I still need to take care of the... I need to call...! I'm pretty sure I need to email...nobody. We're done with everything!

Well, for now anyway. There are still things we need to think about and chores that need to be done, but for today, I think we'll just relax. And reward ourselves with cookies!

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that there were potential other plans to go to Disneyland. See, a couple days before we left for our last trip, I got an email from the Disneyland surveys division, saying they wanted people for a focus group. Of course I was interested, so I filled out the survey, but I guess I didn't rush to fill it out soon enough, because today we got an email saying the quota has been filled. Oh well.

All of that amounted to a few texts and phone calls from Gaston, eager to know when we'd be going again. That actually added to the stress, because we were desperately wanting to work on Negima! uninterrupted so we could get it done and out of the way. We love Disneyland, but we also love to be responsible and meet all of our deadlines. When I let Gaston know I hadn't been selected, he suggested we could go anyway, and we agreed, but there hasn't been any word since. At this point, we're happy to stay home and work on Deltora Quest, which will be much more laid-back than working on Negima!.

But of course, we'd be happy to go to Disneyland, too.

Speaking of which, let's continue the saga of Sheriff Clem and Sally Mae.

When last we saw the good sheriff, he had just announced his candidacy for mayor of...Frontierland, I think, but actually I'm not quite sure. Mayor McGillicuddy wasn't too happy about this, as he had run unopposed for the last...well, at least ten years, I'm thinking, except that if the show's been going on that long, I guess he's been running opposed for at least ten years. But anyway.

Now the two candidates were getting ready to start their campaigns. But wait! there's been an emergency! Sally Mae was just at the bank when some bandit came and robbed the place!

So now the debate has to be put on hold, because the sheriff has to find the bank robber. The first order of business was to have Sally Mae retell the events leading up to the robbery and get as many details as possible. So with the help of some friendly audience members, Sally Mae recreates the scene.

Now, it's been a reeeeeeally long time since we've seen this bit, so we don't remember the order of anything, but we know she was sashaying along to the bank and she passed by at least two people. One of these people was the bank teller. They would always choose a volunteer with some distinctive item. In one instance, they chose Celeste, who happened to be wearing some sunglasses with fancy rainbow rims. So Sally Mae sashayed past the bank teller, who said, "Open an account for a free pair of sunglasses!" She also passed by the town drunk, who said, "I'll drink to that!" to everything.

At one point he says, "I'll drink to that!" And then he said it again! And then he said it in Spanish! ...which tended to shut up whoever was playing the town drunk, who almost without exception got very into the role. We had a scheme to get them to choose our friend James, because I took Spanish in high school so we had a literal (and therefore probably very odd-sounding) translation of the line. We told Gaston about our plan, and he said he'd just say it in German. That being the case, maybe we could get away with a "Kampai shiyou," which isn't Spanish, but would probably be a more natural translation.

We think there must have been at least one other character, but we can't remember anyone but the bank robber. The bank robber came in and held his hands out like pistols (it's a reenactment, remember; also, the robber was usually played by a little kid), and said "This is a stick up." And Sally Mae remembered a bunch of other stuff he said about putting all the valuables in a sack or I'll...kind of thing. And he said it while closing one eye and hopping up and down on one foot.

Needless to say, whoever was selected to play the bank robber had a difficult time with the reenactment.

At this point, Mayor McGillicuddy would step in and say, "Come on, it's not that hard!" and reenact the part of the bank robber perfectly!

And Sally Mae said, "Gaaaasp! That's the voice! You're the bank robber!"

That's right. Sally Mae's own father, the very mayor of...Frontierland, I think...had robbed the bank to fund his campaign.

To be continued...

And I would just leave it right there, but to be honest, I don't remember enough about part three to merit a whole entry. Sheriff Clem and Mayor McGillicuddy have a showdown, because it's Clem's job to bring criminals to justice, but he is the mayor, after all. So they have fightin' words, and they have a showdown, and Clem wins! Yay! And I think the mayor gets arrested and Sally Mae chases Clem off into the sunset.

The main gag I remember about part three is that they're telling each other how far they're going to blast each other to, and they come up with all these towns, like Timbuktu and stuff like that, and at one point either Clem or the Mayor (I don't remember which) can't think of a town, so he asks somebody in the audience where they're from. The last time we saw it, we were living in Glendale, about a forty-five minute drive away from the park, and they asked Celeste, and she proudly said, "Glendale, California!" And they're like, "...Well, it's a long bike ride." Bwahaha. And then when they shoot each other, there's a bunch of bullet ricochet stuff that goes on.

One time after that, we saw the show again, and I guess something was going on with gun portrayal laws or something, because instead of an old-fashioned shoot-out, the mayor had already been arrested, and as part of his punishment or rehabilitation or something, they forced him to perform improv in front of an audience. That's where we got the gag our college friends heard probably far more times than they ever wanted to. They sent the mayor off while the audience came up with the scene for him to act out, and he took a while getting back. When he finally returned, he said, "Sorry I'm late. I had an extra $13 bucks, so I bought a small Coke." Clem (who at the time was played by Sally Mae) replied, "Gasp! You got the employee discount!"

And that concludes our retelling of the tale of Sheriff Clem, Sally Mae, and Mayor McGillicuddy. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for getting to try peppermint bark ice cream!, finishing the omnibus!, having a bunch of free time!, having tentative plans to go to IHOP with Celeste and Sarah!, and cast member jokes about the cost of food at Disneyland.
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