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The power of a nametag

Whew, it's looking like we just might meet our deadline after all! Of course, we can't let our guard down yet, and we're going to keep working hard, but if we're lucky, we'll be able to spend Friday night playing video games instead of working! Yay!

So let's get back to the fireworks story. We were at Disneyland, and we found a good place to watch the fireworks from, but we were all tired, so we were sitting on the ground. Of course, when the park is crowded, the cast members do everything they can to make sure as many people can see the fireworks as possible, so about fifteen minutes before the show, a cast member came by and asked everybody in our area to stand up. We like to be helpful, so we gladly obliged.

Gaston, on the other hand, would have none of it, and refused to stand up, criticizing us for doing whatever anybody in a cast member costume tells us to do. He didn't even see a nametag, so how did we even know she was a cast member, let alone one with any power? (I did see a nametag, incidentally.) We weren't too upset about it, because he wasn't being serious, and as soon as we determined that there weren't any people trying to crowd into the area, we sat back down, too. The show started, and it was very lovely. It was designed back when they still had good audio-visual coordination.

And as always happens during the holidays, it snowed afterward! That leads to another amusing story, about when Gaston brought his nieces and nephews to Disneyland, and it started snowing, and he pointed it out to his nephew, who promptly stuck out his tongue to taste the snowflakes. But in Southern California, it doesn't get cold enough for real snow, so the snow at Disneyland is made of soap. Eheh.

Anyway, after the fireworks, we discovered that you can't see Fantasmic! very well from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it was a fun ride and we saw Fantasmic! the night before, so it was okay. And then we went to Fantasyland to wait for the fancy Let The Memories Begin show to play on It's A Small World.

On the way there, we discovered that one of the cast members had left a door to backstage open! Dun dun DUN! It was pretty neat--it had lockers and big five-gallon water bottles and stuff. But guests aren't ever supposed to see backstage, so I decided not to take a picture (despite the plethora of backstage pictures I've already taken; it just didn't seem proper at this point, for some reason). And then! some cast members came along!

That's when we came up with our master plan. They could get in big trouble for leaving that door open, so we schemed to blackmail them! Into giving us their nametags, so everybody would think we were cast members! And then we would go to Main Street and tell everybody, "We need everyone to stand up and vacate the park!" And they'd listen, because we'd have cast member nametags! And then we'd have all of Disneyland to ourselves! Whee! And also, Mwahahahahaha!

And then we saw the Memories show, and it was pretty neat, because they projected all these images onto It's A Small World, and at one point, they actually made it look like the various piece of the building were moving in and out and jumping around an stuff! Wow!

Then we went on Small World Holiday, bought some stuff, lamented the lack of magicalness in Christmas now that we're old, and went back to the hotel to prepare for the journey home. We had to hitch a ride on the Disneyland shuttle to the Toy Story parking lot, because the shuttle that was supposed to take us to the hotel was no longer running, which was dumb. But the driver was really sad, because it would be so easy for him to drop us off right by our hotel, but it was his first day and the higher ups were watching him like hawks (he even pointed them out to us), and he didn't want to get fired. We didn't want him to get fired, either, so we walked the rest of the way to the hotel, Gaston walking in the middle of the street like some drunk maniac (but only in the empty streets; when we got back to Harbor, he joined us on the sidewalk).

The next morning, we watched Inception on the hotel TV and decided it had Stunning Visuals, and then we took a taxi to the train station. Fortunately, my visiting teacher had texted me on Tuesday, so we had her number and were able to ask her for a ride home from the train station in Fresno. And thus we made it home safely and gratefully.

Today I'm thankful for an almost random text from my visiting teacher on Tuesday morning, getting to see the neat Let The Memories Begin show, making good progress on Negima!, the pretty Disneyland throw we bought, and making it home safely from Disneyland.
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