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Too tired to come up with a subject.

Not entirely unexpectedly, but still sadly, we are completely and totally swamped with work this week. If we're lucky we'll finish the stuff for the big project superfast! and have time to finish Negima!, and still have time to do something that's not work. It's not looking so good right now, but at least the lexicon entry on xiangua wasn't as deathful as it threatened to be. We are very thankful for that.

In the meantime, we console ourselves with amusing realizations about how the world map music in Type Zero is actually an arrangement of the chocobo theme. How did it take us so long to see that? ...Er, hear that?

I still wanted to talk about Disneyland, but now I'm tired, so maybe I'll just talk a little about Disneyland. We went back and forth again trying to find a good place to eat dinner with yummy food as well as a nice view. As soon as we learned that nice view was a priority, we suggested the Hungry Bear restaurant, because it has my favorite view (it's right on the Rivers of America), as well as burgers, which are a food that we like to eat. Especially because Disneyland has really tasty chili burgers. We opted not to get cupcakes, but we all fondly remembered what Gaston has dubbed the "pucker sauce."

Gaston got his food first and then found a spot directly above where some cast members were repairing the engine of one of the barges that ferries guests to Tom Sawyer's island. (What, you thought they rowed those?) I then proceeded to distract the cast members with the flash of my camera. Eheh. I love behind the scenes stuff like that. And after we ate, we went downstairs to the restrooms, and got to watch them ferry all the Fantasmic! cast over to the island! They weren't in costume, but we could tell they were actors. It was pretty awesome. I did not get a picture of that, though. It seemed kind of...improper.

Then we went to find seats for the fireworks, so we could see the whole show. And there will be more on that tomorrow...I hope.

Today I'm thankful for the xiangua lexicon entry being less deathful than it threatened to be, getting to see behind the scenes work at Disneyland, fun world map music (I always thought it sounded familiar and comforting somehow...), getting to watch more Who Wants To Be A Superhero? at Home Evening Group tonight (everybody's hooked! bwahahaha!), and having a lovely visit from our visiting teachers, who were kind enough to listen to us ramble on and on about the same things we always ramble on and on about.
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