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Princesses and golden horseshoes

We were just looking at our Gakuen Alice wallpaper, with all the main girls from the series (and Luca) dressed as fairy tale characters, and discussing what kind of reaction a movie about Princess Kaguya would get. We thought feminists would like it, because she doesn't end up with a prince, and not because of a tragic death or anything (or lack of princes), but then again if Disney were to make it, they might come up with a way to get her a prince anyway. She probably found one on the moon eventually anyway, right? We think that most of Japan would like the movie regardless of what Disney or whoever might do to it (they've done some pretty bizarre things with their own real life history, after all), but all the anime fans in America would be horrified.

Anyway, we still have a Disneyland report to finish.

On Tuesday, Alice got up super early and took the car away. They ended up not buying a car after all, and we were informed that the two of us and Gaston would be taking the train home. Our main thought was, "...Bet it's holiday rates. Oh well, that's life." And we moved on. And took the shuttle to Disneyland Tuesday morning.

After a bunch of walking back and forth to find the ideal place, we had breakfast at the River Belle Terrace, which really is an awesome place to eat with a great view of the Rivers of America. While we were eating, the Bootstrappers started hanging out in front of Pirates of the Caribbean (which was closed, sadly) and singing some chanties. We finished eating and went up for a closer look, and, as usual, did our best to be a good audience. They started up one song, and we started swaying back and forth to the rhythm, and one of the pirates was like, "I see you two are easily swayed." We saw them again later and he recognized us and was like, "Ugh. It's you." XD

He was also the pirate who tried to steal from a lady's backpack as she walked by. Sometimes I think they let the pirates have a little too much fun.

Incidentally, once we saw a neat video on how they make the pirate costumes dirty, with like a...process...of some kind...and you can really see their effort...but you can also see that it was done on purpose. So it's kind of cool, but we always wish they would do a little bit better. So like, there would be one big stain on the pirate's outfit, and all around the stain, the shirt would be clean. It looked more like a cloth pattern than actual stains. On the other hand, one of the pirates had some pretty neat holes in the knees of his trousers.

While we were watching the pirates, Gaston went back to the hotel because he had forgotten his phone. We took the opportunity to go to Critter Country, where we wanted to buy out the candy shop, but not enough to actually spend any money, so we got a grand total of nothing. One of these days, we may overcome that and just buy a ton of cookies and fudge and pretzel rods and popcorn and peanut butter heavens and... Sigh...

We chose not to go on Indiana Jones because we weren't sure how long Gaston was going to be gone, so we went to Fantasyland instead. On the way there, we noticed that there was a big sign to the left of the castle, saying something about filming, and if you go beyond that point, you're giving the producers permission to use your likeness. We wanted to know what that was all about, so we asked a cast member and discovered they were asking people about magical holiday memories at the parks. We always wanted to be in those videos, so we said to ourselves that we'd have to come up with a really good one and come back after filming had actually started.

Then we realized that we didn't have any really good ones, so we gave up on the whole thing and were a little bit grumpy for a while. But we did get to go on Storybook Land, and that was nice. We also went to the Princess Faire, where we arrived just in time to see Sleeping Beauty come out and tell her story with the help of Lady...something (we didn't get there in time to hear her name), but we'll call her Lillian, because I think that was the name of one of the Ladies when we went to the Princess Faire before, like four years ago.

But it was super cute, because it was just Princess Aurora telling her story, only she didn't get to sing, because she was hired for her looks, so Lady Lillian did all the singing, but while she (Lillian) was singing Once Upon A Dream, they brought a little boy from the audience to play Prince Phillip. And the most adorable thing was after the song, another little boy came up from the audience (dressed as Buzz Lightyear) to give Aurora a hug. So then, when Lillian was being the fairies telling Briar Rose that she had to go be the princess, she said, "You can never see that young man--either of them--again." It was super cute.

And after story time, the whole audience was leaving and ran into Belle and Ariel on their way to take their breaks. Belle said she had to go make sure the Beast had his lunch, because he gets grumpy.

We think it was at this point that we went back to the castle to see if the filming had started, and that's where we noticed Cinderella was hanging out and greeting guests with her Fairy Godmother. This wasn't something we saw very often, so we thought what the heck, let's get their autographs. It was actually pretty intimidating for us to do this, but we thought maybe we should just get over our social anxieties and go meet some Disney characters.

One thing we noticed that was kind of impressive and kind of amusing was that at one point during her meet and greet, Cinderella asked a guest for the time, and then she went and told everyone in line (her very own self, not some other cast member, like usual) that she and her Fairy Godmother would be leaving soon. We were like, "Whoa, Cinderella manages all her guests herself!" and then we were like, "Wow, Cinderella really does get forced to do everything." When we told Gaston about it later, he said, "Well, yeah. You can take the girl out of slavery, but you can't take the slavery out of the girl."

Anyway. The thing that made it a little awkward was that, because Cinderella was managing all the guests herself, there wasn't a cast member there to take pictures for people. So we decided not to take our camera out (though I did get a picture of Cinderella going down the line telling people she was going to leave (I also tried to get a picture of her talking to Mary Poppins as she passed by, but I'm not sure I succeeded)), which made for a very interesting happening when we got to see the two characters and somebody held up a camera that we posed for. Conscientious Cinderella asked to make sure she was looking at the right camera, and we were like, "Eheh..."

The Fairy Godmother asked if Rapunzel had braided our hair, and I was very sad that we didn't have a witty response. We're going to need to come up with one, because all the princesses ask us about our hair and how it relates to Rapunzel (and by "all," I mean Cinderella and Rapunzel so far). (The fairies seem more interested in the twin thing. True story.) Cinderella did ask if we thought Rapunzel's hair was too long after I said we kind of aspired to have hair like Rapunzel's, and I was like, "Ooohhh noooo!" and right now, I'm like, "Dude, Cinderella's just one person with her own opinions. It's not a reflection of how good or bad a person you are if she doesn't like long hair. Calm down." Cinderella's hair is among the shortest of all the princesses, after all.

Then, because apparently this trip we were all about walking the length of the park several times over, we went to Toon Town. The main reason for this is that we don't usually go there, and in our minds this has come to mean "because Gaston doesn't like it, so we should go now so he doesn't have to suffer." This theory may or may not be true in the case of Toon Town, but there's not a whole lot to do there and it's really out of the way, so it's really hard to tell if it's because somebody doesn't like it or because nobody likes it enough to walk all the way past It's A Small World to get there.

So what did we do in Toon Town? We got some Goofy water, we looked around the shop there, and we went back behind Donald's boat to our favorite place to just sit. And we sat.

Then Gaston called and we met him at Village Haus for lunch. Then we went and saw the reindeer again, and we did a lot of walking around, harvesting fast passes, which isn't really a great idea, because you can only get one new one every two hours. After dark, we went on Jungle Cruise, which was Gaston's first ride of the day.

But before that! we went to the Golden Horseshoe to catch a show. We were expecting the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Christmas show, but apparently Billy Hill and the Hillbillies get Tuesday and Wednesday off. So instead, we saw...I don't know what they called it, come to think of it, but it's an old show we used to watch right outside the Golden Horseshoe back about ten or twelve years ago. Only this time, since it was inside, it had a pianist.

It would start with Mayor McGillicuddy, thanking everybody for coming and announcing his campaign for reelection. He starts to give his campaign speech when Sheriff Clem runs out all in a panic, because the mayor's daughter Sally Mae is chasing him again with the intent to marry. The mayor is offended that Clem doesn't want to marry his daughter, and when he asks why, Clem says, "Because I've seen her." So he comes up with this brilliant plan to let Sally Mae down gently by taking three guys from the audience to court her instead. So they take three volunteers and blindfold them, and then they have a dating game.

Sally Mae comes out, and we felt very nostalgic, because she was played by the same guy who played her all those years ago when we first started watching the show, and she asks the guys questions. If she likes an answer, she'll say, "Oh, he's the one!" The third bachelor (usually played by a little boy, but in this case, they chose an old man) gets help with his answers from Clem, who tells him to say things like "Who Let the Dogs Out?" when Sally Mae asks what song he would sing on their very romantic date. But Sally Mae is swayed by peer pressure, and because the choice is just too difficult, she asks the audience to clap for their favorite, and when they get to number three, Clem holds up an applause sign.

She chooses number three, and Mayor McGillicuddy says, "You've just made two men very happy." They take the blindfolds off, the first two bachelors are appropriately startled, and the third bachelor (prompted by Clem) runs away as soon as he sees her face. That being the case, the only man left for Sally Mae to marry is Sheriff Clem, and he refuses, but the mayor says he can't do that, why not?, because I'm the mayor and I say so. So Clem decides to run for mayor!

To be continued...

We think they probably showed parts two and three at the later show times, but we didn't come back to check. We've seen them all, so if anybody's interested maybe I'll tell them, but for now I think this entry is long enough.

There's still a little more to tell, but I think that's enough for now.

Today I'm thankful for nostalgic old Frontierland shows, a great Relief Society lesson today, having a ride home from church today (we were a little worried because if we failed to get a ride while we were at church, we wouldn't be able to use our fallback plan of walking to Mom's house, and Athena had to get set apart for her new calling, so we were afraid our regular ride might assume we had gone off with someone else and left without us (which has happened in the past)), getting to hear the Muppet Christmas Carol music when we were in the Hollywood Backlot at California Adventure, and princesses.
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