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It's too much...too...much... *dead*

Okay, so again, I have to admit that there are people in the world who spend more time working than we do, but man, this is tough. We were hoping that if we spent all day yesterday and today on Negima!, we would finish the first draft, at least up to the extras. But we still have fifty pages left! Of course, this is due in part to not actually being able to spend all day on Negima! either day because of our other project. We still had a few minutes left before Jeopardy!, but we just couldn't take it anymore, so we're updating LJ instead. And when we finally finish, we have to edit all three volumes for the omnibus, and it could easily take just as much time to translate the lexicon as it will to translate those fifty pages! And it's all due a week from Monday! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Oh well.

So we went to Disneyland on Monday and Tuesday, and I might have about three minutes to start a report. It was a pretty laid-back trip, actually, because with crowds like that, not being laid-back will only make you completely miserable. We got into the park, looked around at shiny Christmas merchandise, got fast passes to Star Tours, walked around a bunch, rode a couple of Fantasyland rides, went over to California Adventure for passes to World of Color... Then Gaston and Alice went car shopping, and we were left to our own devices.

First we tried to go on Grizzly River Run, but it died before we got through the line, so they sent us back the other way, and we went to the Redwood Trail where we started earning a Wilderness Explorer badge. Redwood Trail (if I remember the name right) is kind of like a play area, like Tom Sawyer's Island I guess, only based on Californian national parks like Yosemite. There's tire races and rock climbing and this giant walkway made of rope netting, which is super awesome, but we were too tired to play on it (already? eep! (there were a lot of people there)). And there are animal tracks all over! It's pretty neat.

And now they've added an UP theme, since Russell's kind of a Boy Scout. At the entrance, you can pick up a Wilderness Explorer map thingie, and that has activities you can do to earn a merit badge, which will be presented to you in the form of a sticker at the ceremony held several times throughout the day. The first activity is to find Kevin's footprints, which frankly doesn't make any sense, because the redwood forests of California are not anywhere near similar to Kevin's natural habitat (except maybe for the fact that vegetation exists?).

The second activity was to do the tire race thing, and we didn't want to wait in line anymore because we had a very important dream and we didn't want to lose our chance to accomplish it. So we played around the trails a little more and left for the Little Mermaid ride.

And that's all for now, because it's almost time for Jeopardy!. Today I'm thankful for being done working today, having a nice happy weekend to look forward to (that might have some work, but at least there will be Sunday), the yummy chocolate pie we had yesterday (and the fact that there's still more of it), neat Wilderness Explorer badge-earning opportunities, and getting help on part of our project so we didn't end up working even more overtime.
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