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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, this past week has been pretty intense. I meant to update on Saturday to let people know what was going on, but then we got whisked away, and by the time we got back we had to turn right around and leave again! It's been a whirlwind of activity! Waaaaahhhh!

See, last week, Gaston called and said hey do you want to go to Disneyland. Well, of course the answer was yes, although we thought the plan was to go next week, so now our work schedule is in all kinds of disarray, but we'll get it fixed. For convenience, the plan was to go down to Gaston and Alice's house on Saturday evening, go to church with them on Sunday morning, and leave for Anaheim after lunch.

Well, it just so happened that we had planned to go to Mom's house to watch So Dear To My Heart on Sunday. Of course I called Mom to see what we could work out, and Mom said to just do what we wanted, the movie would still be here when everybody got back from their various vacations (Mom and Steve are currently in Washington for Thanksgiving with his family). But apparently Steve reeeeeally likes that movie, because he called and said hey let's watch the movie on Saturday instead.

We were cool with that because we always like to watch Disney movies with people who will enjoy them, but that's when things got Complicated. Steve invited us for dinner and then the movie, but Gaston and Alice needed to be home (about an hour away) in time for Gaston's sister's dance thingie that he was helping with, and the times were not working out. Fortunately, Celeste now lives in the same town as Gaston, and she and her new boyfriend were kind enough to join us for the movie, so now we could watch the movie and still make it to Gaston's house to carry out the rest of the Disneyland plans. As an added bonus, both Celeste and her boyfriend liked the movie.

But, since we also joined Mom for some grocery shopping, we ended up spending the entire day away from home and got exactly zero chores done. Oops. Oh well, more for this Saturday! Woo. But really, the only real problem we had with it was that we were getting ready to leave the cats for four days, and then we go and spend an extra day away. They're okay, though, and they spent all day sitting with us while we worked.

Anyway, we finally made it to Gaston's house and got a little tiny bit of work done (we worked for like two hours but still only translated about twelve pages, but we were taking it easy because the whirlwind had taken a lot out of us).

The next day, we went to church, which was pretty much like church always is. Their ward has a great Relief Society. And then we drove down south, stopping at a car dealership on the way. See, both Gaston and Alice's cars died at about the same time, so they bought a new one because Gaston's was completely dead, and since they liked it so much, and Gaston hates driving Alice's car (which he does now because his drives aren't over as rugged terrain as hers), they decided to buy a new one!

This was also important because Alice can only take so much time off of work, and she would be taking the car and leaving us on Tuesday morning. They found the same model of car for a good price at a dealership near Los Angeles, so it was kind of a "while we're in the neighborhood," except that it wasn't really that close, but closer than where they live. So they looked at the car and talked to the dealer, and if they liked everything, they would finalize the deal on Monday. As it turned out, Gaston had his misgivings, so instead, they decided to look around car dealerships the next day to see if they could find something they liked better.

In the meantime, we checked into the hotel and got ready to go to Disneyland the next morning.

But that part will have to wait, because we just spent all day working, and we want to go have some fun now. First matter of business: chocolate silk pie!

Today I'm thankful for our computer choosing Tangled wallpaper for the one year anniversary of when Tangled hit theaters, making it safely to and from Disneyland, another fun trip, getting to spend all day with the kitties who missed us, and chocolate silk pie!
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