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We sort of made our quota today and we sort of did not. We didn't have much to do on the big project, so I was sure we would finish Negima! 11 extras and get to move on to volume 12, but I underestimated the difficulty of lexicons. There was a big long entry about chi (or qi, if you want to be official), and it took us forever to realize we weren't going to find decent translations of the quotes we needed online. So we decided to translate them ourselves, and that took even longer, because we didn't realize that all of these were acupuncture terms, and they don't make any sense out of that context. Well, they make a little sense if you know something about yin and yang, but not enough sense to translate decently.

So we finally finished at about five, and we did a little tiny bit of volume 12, but then we decided to call Celeste to see if she could help us with some logistics problems we've been having. After a lovely chat that involved Once Upon A Time, we decided to take a break and watch that instead of work. And then we had half an hour before Jeopardy! in which we translated five whole pages! (One of them was a chapter title page, though, with nothing but the title. But actually we only spent about twenty minutes working, so it evened out. Or something.)

And the point is this episode of Once Upon A Time featured Cinderella. We're still coming to terms with the fact that this is the writers' idea of the fairy tales and they write them that way so as to advance the plot the way it needs to go, but the thing is Cinderella. I think Cinderella is the most misunderstood fairy tale character. It seems like everybody thinks she sat around whining about how terrible her life was until her fairy godmother came out of nowhere and just fixed everything. I guess that impression might come from the Grimm version, where she keeps going and crying to her mother (incidentally, no fairy godmother in that version), but come on, she needs an outlet for all the stress, and she still has to do a bunch of the work of changing her life herself.

Really, Cinderella just has a crappy family life, which I'm pretty sure is a fairly common thing. How many people have ever felt like they're the only one in their family doing all the work? They've got all kinds of TV sitcom episodes about that, so I'm pretty sure it's a normal thing. I'm not saying it's a good thing, of course, but I am saying that it doesn't mean you have to run away from home to improve your life.

In the case of Cinderella, she deals with it really well. In the Perrault version, she even does her sisters' hair so they can look nice when they go to the ball without her. In every version, she's not trying to run away--she just wants to go to the party. And she's not waiting for a prince to come rescue her--she just wants to go to the party. And I'm pretty sure people are still genuinely confused these days when someone says they're not interested in going to prom. That's all Cinderella wanted--to go to the prom. She just happened to also find her future husband there, who also happened to be exceedingly wealthy and the future ruler of the realm.

The point of Cinderella's story is to give an example of how, if you maintain a good attitude and are willing to do what you can do (in the Disney version, she was going to make her own dress; she just didn't have to because, in making the best of her bad situation, she befriended all the household rodents), after a lot of patience, as Jiminy Cricket sings, "Fate steps in and sees you through." That's the thing I think a lot of people forget--Cinderella didn't only work because she was forced to. She did stuff for herself, too. She just didn't have the time to do much stuff for herself, which is something we can definitely relate to right now (although we are about to take the rest of the evening to play video games).

I guess my point is give Cinderella a little credit. She wasn't a whiner; she was just busy.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that lexicon (at least the first draft, anyway), Page finding a cat toy that jingles (which she really loves, apparently, because she's playing with it a lot), being able to get all our cell phone concerns sorted out (we're keeping them), probably getting to sleep in tomorrow, and having time to play video games.
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