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Hyakunin Isshu revisited

We met our Negima! quota again today, so we get to update LJ again! Woohoo! ...We'd update Live Journal anyway, it would just be later. But now it's only sort of late.

Aaaanyway. I don't remember what had us thinking about it...something about...right Houkago Shounen! So we were talking about this book that we heard part of on the way home from Disneyland in October, and how the currency is spherical and how impractical that is, and so we were pointing out to each other why currency is generally made of flat things. And then I pointed out that kids used to carry around little pouches of marbles that they could play with, and Athena said yeah but that eventually was replaced with POGs. POGs are like marbles, but flat.

And all that reminded me of Houkago Shounen, because one of the minigames in that is probably a predecessor to POGs, and so I was like, "Aww, I want to play that again. But when would I?" And Athena was like, "When I'm...doing something." And then I suggested Hyakunin Isshu (also known as karuta or carta), because we have a DS version of that, and we used to take turns memorizing poems while the other one of us played Brain Age everyday (or, when we were getting ready to go to the temple for the first time, read the temple book the bishop loaned us).

So! that reminded us how neat that game was, so I was like, "I know! Since we're too busy to update LJ, and people are getting into Chihayafuru, maybe I'll just repost our post about that DS game!" ...Only apparently we don't have one. I was sure we did. Maybe we just didn't tag it. Or maybe LJ stole one of our tags! Ooooohhhhh noooooooooo!

But without the tag, we have no way to find the entry, assuming it even exists, so I guess I'll just have to type up a new one. But we still have a lot of Negima! to translate, and Gaston's talking about taking an extra day at Disneyland, which normally we would never, ever object to, but we have a looooot a lot a lot of work to do. Siiiiiigh. So the Hyakunin Isshu entry is going to have to wait. Unless the tag is just hiding and somebody can find it. Assuming the entry ever existed to begin with. I can't imagine that it wouldn't; that game's pretty neat, and we would have wanted to tell people about it. But we did get it to research stuff for Lagoon Engine, so we might have kept it under wraps.

Oh hey, we found it! It was in the "japanese stuff" tag.

Today I'm thankful for the ability to read fine print, battle scenes going as they should (with much less talking), getting to play with kitties and lasers, neat Hyakunin Isshu games for DS, and finding our old post about them.
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