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I had started post earlier today, but some of what I wrote didn't get saved, and I'm too tired to try and remember all of it, so I decided to scrap it. We went to the temple today, which is why our earlier entry got interrupted. Going to the temple was nice, but right now we're realizing just how packed our schedule is, and it's mostly our fault because we want to go to Disneyland. Only things are so crazy right now that maybe we don't. But we do. So it's hard.

And I think we need to calm down and process things. But we don't have time, because we have to finish the Negima omnibus, and we have more work on the big project, and people in Negima won't stop talking! Aaaaahhhhh!

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for friends who will take us to Disneyland, getting to go to the temple tonight, fancy cookies being on their way to our apartment, getting laundry done today, and finally having time to play Type-0 today.
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